Fabulous Results First Time. Just Had 2nd - Las Vegas, NV

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I had my abs and flanks done 2 months ago. My...

I had my abs and flanks done 2 months ago. My experience was great. I was prepared for some discomfort during the procedure. It was less than expected on the flanks. It was only uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes then fine fir the rest of the hour. During my abs it literally took my breath away at first. Just breathe! Then I had 10 minutes of discomfort. No problem for the rest of the hour. The weeks following showed minimal side effects. Some swelling then itching. I wore a shaper to eliminate the swelling and sensitivity the first week. I had great results. I lost 4 pounds. I was pretty thin to start. I weighed 125 and dropped to 121. My stomached is nice and flat. So I jst had my second procedure. I had my abs done again. This time we placed the thingy a little higher. I had a little line of fat where the middle of the device didn't touch my skin. The pain this time was way more during the procedure on my flanks and abs. I was in a lot of pain during my abs and couldn't wait for it to be over. I have a high tolerance for pain and the first 20 mins were a killer. I am 5 days out and I have had intense itching!!! I am hoping that all this itching means even better results than the first time.

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I didn't see the dr and didn't really care to. The nurse is who was trained and had expert advice. She w great!

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