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I was an overweight person my entire life until I...

I was an overweight person my entire life until I started my journey in September 2010. Since that time I have lost a total of 75lbs and have gone from a size 16 to a size 6. I have four children, I am healthy, and my life has taken on a whole new meaning. I have sagging skin and deflated breasts from breast feeding and the extreme weight loss. My breasts have never been porportionate with my frame, I have broad shoulders and a large rib cage but even at my heaviest my breasts were a medium C. I have never had a flat tummy or experienced life as a physically fit person and now that I have worked hard to change my body and my life I would like to spend the rest of my life not haunted by the skin and sag that exercise can not fix. I am 30 years old and I would like to wear a bikini before I die! I realize that this is a commitment, you have to maintain your results to make sure you body looks right and functions properly and that is something I am ready to do. There has always been a thin, beautiful, and confident woman inside me and even though I know it will hurt and have it's challenges I am ready to welcome her to the world!

I have learned that looking at multiple doctors, seeing their previous work, watching videos to know what you are in for, and talking to people who have experienced it is key. I feel educated and equipped to ask the right questions at my consultation now; for eaxmple, whether they use a pain pump, staples, glue stips, or stitches, whether the pain strips are localized or if the meds are injected. Those are important questions to ask. I also want to ask for my belly button to be stitched on the inside so it heals naturally!

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I heard about Dr. Martin from a friend who has had breast augmentation surgery. She had a wonderful experience and thus far ive been impressed with how up front they are concerning pricing and their complimentary consultations. I have read numerous reviews on Dr. Martin and thus far they have been excellent. I am excited to meet with him November 20th. 2012 to discuss my needs and desires!

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