44y Years Young, 1 Child, Small B Cup - Las Colinas, TX

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Hi ladies, first I would like to say thank you to...

Hi ladies, first I would like to say thank you to all you lovely ladies by sharing your BA journeys with everyone. Real Self is such a great research tool:))))) It made me be more prepared going into this, and I am hoping by sharing my journey, I could help someone as well.
My stats are 5'6, 131 pounds, and was a small B cup. I am hoping once I get sized to be a full C or D cup. I am 2 days post up, and honestly I am feeling pretty good. Yes they are still up high, but I am already in love with them ( I will post some pics later). My doctor and his staff were great, and my hubby has really helped me stay comfortable. My biggest complaint was still somewhat is the bloating. Surgery was Friday morning at 9:30, and we were home by noon. I weight myself, and holly crap I had an additional 10 pounds on me????. I wasn't hungry Friday, so besides some crackers to take Meds with, I didn't eat until about 5:00pm. I drank a lot of water though, took a laxative. Like I said didn't really eat until about 5, and then it was a veggie soup, I had made Thursday evening. Yesterday morning my appetite was back, and my hubby made scrambled eggs with turkey sausage for me. Trying not to eat a lot of carbs at this point. I am eating fruits, juicing veggies, and soup.
Well last night I was extremely miserable, and not because of my girls hurting because of bloating and constipation. We ended up going to Wallgreens and picking up an enema. That FINALLY helped. I still feel bloated, but not like before. I have been up since 6:00AM, and no pain so far. Hoping just be a Tylenol today, since I am going back to work Tuesday. My recovery so far has gone really well, but one thing I do like to advise you ladies of, take your meds the first couple of days like clockwork.

375cc HP

Bloating has gone down just a little. Can't wait for them to drop and feel like part of me.
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