Just Had First Injection Today on Nasolabial Folds-Lansdale, PA

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Just turned 30, but these lines started being...

Just turned 30, but these lines started being visible 2 years ago- seems to be a family trait, since both my mother and aunt had prominent folds from a relatively young age. The procedure was extremely easy, not painful at all, just some mild stinging from the injection. I have a small, not very dark bruise on the right side of my face, but the left side is bruise-free so far, hoping it stays that way. (I do bruise very easily, though, so I expected this.) I am using Vitamin K cream on both sides to help things out. No pain, or itching so far. Very small red marks where the needle entered, but they're not bright red. Swelling seems mild as well; only the right side seems like it might be a bit swollen. (The fold was deeper on that side, so I think the doctor may have injected more.)

I can feel the filler in my face; the skin over top of it feels somehow tighter, and while putting on the Vitamin K cream I can feel that there's something firm sitting under the skin. I was told to expect this and that it's normal, so I'm not worried about it. I was also told that it will get softer in a week or so, so I'm hoping this will be the case. It's not bothersome, really, but since I've never had any cosmetic procedure before, I am of course somewhat nervous.

What does concern me at this point is that, on the right side, just above where the crease was, there's a lump. I can't tell if this is due to swelling or due to the filler moving upwards. It's not extreme, but it is very slightly visible. I was not told to massage my face at all; my doctor massaged it during and after the injections to place the filler and then told me to leave it be for a few days until it settles in.

Now, I don't want to be paranoid and go running to the doctor every time I have some (possibly groundless) concern, so I'm unsure if I should give the office a call tomorrow or just wait and see what happens. Any thoughts?



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Very good service, excellent bedside manner of all staff. Also very good about answering questions and making time for you as a patient.

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