Invisalign Journey - Lansdale, PA

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Hello everyone, After months of thinking and...

Hello everyone,
After months of thinking and waiting, today is day 1 on my invisilign journey. thanks to everyone who has already posted; researching here helped me feel more comfortable. I have upper and lower trays; and the plan is for 31 of them. No pain so far - just some discomfort. I have to say I already feel better with the trays in than out. those buttons feel bizarre!

Week 2 on liner 1

Wow what a difference a week makes. I'm down to just some pain on the inside of my lower lip - in front of a button. My tongue has healed; taking the liners in and out is much much better; and i'm getting used to the routine. I was out of the country last week at a customer conference, so it was very hard to deal with at the event, but i'm doing so much better now. I think i can i think i can....

Liner 3 almost done

Things are going well. I have my first dental appointment on Monday, which will be almost exactly 3 liners down. I realized this morning, for the first time, that I actually forgot they were in my mouth! Everything gets more routine - the eating, drinking, flossing, brushing... no issues.
Dr Govani

i really like my dentist. He's been very supportive and very helpful in my decision making. No pressure, but he answers all my questions along the way. I never feel rushed or pressured. So far so good!

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