1 Month After Upper Eye Lid - Swelling Normal?

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Today is 1 month since I had upper eyelid surgery....

Today is 1 month since I had upper eyelid surgery. The scars are healing nice, and I have not had any problems during recovery. I have been back to normal activity since the 2nd week of the procedure and feel great.

My friends and I all agree that they can't see a change in my eyes and that my eyes still look like they did previous to the upper eyelid procedure. The only apparent change is when I raise my eye brows /open eyes wide, then you can see a difference.

I am undecided whether or not this procedure has worked for me. I have hope and believe in my doctor, but it has been 1 month, and I can't see a difference.

Could I still have swelling 1 month after surgery? The Dr said a large chunk was removed, so I don't understand why I am not seeing results. I see the doctor next week and will ask the same question. Any thoughts?
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