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I am a physician in Lakewood, CO who performs the...

I am a physician in Lakewood, CO who performs the miraDry procedure, but hopefully that does not make my review overly biased in others' eyes. I feel like I can offer a unique perspective since I have undergone the procedure, and since I perform it personally and can relate what I have seen with a multitude of other patients.

I have been very happy with the procedure, having had it done almost a year ago. Looking back, I did not consider myself to be extremely bothered by sweating, but it definitely had a negative effect at times throughout my life. Historically, I had to change shirts due to excessive sweating under stressful situations, I had to always wear undershirts (especially at work when wearing scrubs), and had tried many "clinical strength" antiperspirants. Unfortunately these measures just helped to hide the problem, not actually treat it. I decided to try the procedure in order to determine if it really works and to also know what my patients would be going through if I decided to offer the service.

The miraDry procedure has greatly improved my sweating. Yes, I do still sweat a bit, but probably 80-90% less. Also, the odor has greatly diminished. The procedure itself was relatively easy and well tolerated. The anesthetic injections were a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. During the procedure I did feel heat/warmth a couple of times. After the procedure, I had discomfort for about 7-10 days. My swelling lasted about one month with the lumpiness lasting almost two months.

My patients have all reported greatly diminished sweating and odor, with a couple actually reporting no sweating after the second procedure. All have been pleased. I look forward to helping many more!
Mend/ VCI

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