LOVE Latisse After Menopause - Lakewood, CO

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LATISSE WORKS!!!! And I was completely skeptical...

LATISSE WORKS!!!! And I was completely skeptical and scared of the side effects relayed on the commercials!! I was watching the "Ellen" show a few months ago and her guest was "Louise Dryfus". She came on the show talking about her eyelashes and "Latisse". She said, "it's amazing, and DO NOT listen to the side effects crap, it works awesome!!" So after watching these commercials for as long as "Latisse" has been created, and being totally bummed out after hearing the side effects, I was TOTALLY convinced by that one woman to try it!! I am 57 years old, and have went through menopause. Well ladies, when that happens, you lose your eyelashes (among a whole list of other stuff) but I was really missing my lashes, always coating what I've been left, with mascara... I am here to tell you, (and I have NOT been paid by anyone) IT REALLY WORKS!!! I have been using it for about one month now, and I just keep looking in the mirror at my new lashes!!! I LOVE them soooo much, I even go without mascara now, REALLY!!! One tip though, buy an "eyeliner thin brush" to apply it with (rinse between uses) the brushes it comes with are huge and a huge waste, use it sparingly (I use it on both top and bottom, directions say top only, don't know why) but I have no side effects, no brown pigmentation on eyeballs, no eyelashes growing where they don't belong, (like hey, we're big girls here, why would you apply it anywhere else anyway right?) It seriously DOES WORK GREAT!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LATISSE!!! (ps, did your sales go up after "Louise Dryfus" was on Ellen?? EXCELLENT sales pitch without you guys even knowing, lol)

My PC Provider is the best for 20 years!!!!

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