Laugh Lines - Lakeway, TX

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Well I've been getting botox for years, and have...

Well I've been getting botox for years, and have always loved the results. Some doctors would do a freeze look on me, (no movement). I loved it, but people could tell I had something done. Then, I went to my current doctor, and he puts a little here, a little there and it's always amazing.

His prices are so reasonable that I could afford Radiesse. The first time he used one large syringe and it hurt so bad. The results were beautiful!!!! However, the lines came back a week later. I went back for another injection, but only a small one one needed. Again, the results were beautiful. The lines came back, but not as noticeable a week later. I went today and he instructed me to wait another month because Radiesse helps the body to produce more collengine.

So, I have an appointment in 4 weeks. It will cost around 350 dollars because he will only use a small syringe. I would suggest this product, but I haven't tried any others. I would like the lines to stay away and not come back after the first week. So, I may need to try another product. I will update again next month.

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Find a doctor that doesn't over charge. 9. 50 cents a unit for botox is all one should pay EVER. Just do your research you'll find someone. Make sure it's a doctor and not some intern. Also make sure the educate you on the product and offer ice for swelling. If they do this your in good hands :)

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