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I'm able to get Latisse at a ridiculously cheap...

I'm able to get Latisse at a ridiculously cheap price, which is the only way I'd ever be able to use it as liberally as I do. I go through 2-3 bottles per month, which costs me just under $40. I originally got it from the doctor listed below at the normal price, but don't go to him anymore. I use it on my eyelashes, eyebrows, and for the past year have used it throughout my hair - about 7-10 drops on my scalp every 1-2 days. I should note that I recently consulted with a prominent Beverly Hills surgeon who said that using Latisse on my scalp is a waste of money and won't do anything. I beg to differ.

I don't have any receding hair loss or anything like that, but my hair is a bit on the thin side, and I have a high forehead that recedes a little at the temples (genetics). Plus a few months ago I had an unfortunate bleach experience that caused a lot of my hair to break off. Knowing that Latisse prolongs the growth cycle of each individual hair, I've been using it with the idea that each individual hair will have an extended growth cycle of about 50% - this is how you can use it on your eyelashes and it makes them longer and thicker.

The baby hairs around my temples have definitely grown longer, which makes my forehead seem not quite so high. I also feel that my hair is thicker. Whereas I used to notice a significant amount of hair falling out when I brushed or showered, I now notice very few hairs falling out.

Latisse has made my eyelashes longer and eyebrows thicker and longer as well. In fact, I naturally have very light eyebrows and always thought they were virtually non-existent. However, if I go to a salon and have them dyed and waxed, they're amazing! The Latisse has just given me more to work with. One tip if you use Latisse on your eyelashes: the brushes that come with the bottles are awful. They're messy (my top eyelids turned purple because of so much fluid getting on them) and waste the product. I bought a ton of eyeliner brushes online that are tiny and can use ONE drop of Latisse for both my eyes and eyebrows and still have a bit to spare.

surgeon confirms Latisse would likely work on scalp

I had another consultation with one of the most famous hair transplant/hairline lowering surgeons who said that Latisse on the scalp would likely work.
Lake Oswego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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