Despised on 700cc, Silicon, High Profile, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary

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... And so I begin to journal my experience here!...

... And so I begin to journal my experience here! A little over a week away until my BA. Excited. Nervous. Scared. All of the above. But so looking forward to an enhanced "Me"! Decided on the above implants after my pre-OP visit last week. However, maybe 600s??? I'm a little worried about the pain including muscle spasms. But anything less, I think won't fit my frame. I'm 5'9", 135 lbs. & top small at a 32B. Just not proportionate to my frame. Can't wait. I've been wearing my rice boobs all week to get an idea of how the implants feel & the weight of carrying the around. 3 cups of rice in a nylon stocking, cut & tied to fit, & then stuffed in a 34DDD bra gives me an idea.

72 hours left

Soooo it's getting closer & I have a million thoughts going through my head!! Scared. Excited. Nervous. Sad. Glad. But I know it's all normal and I have a great support system all around me, including my amazing hubby, who is going to take care of me!!!! I went shopping for some beakers at target and have purchased all my meds so I'm ready & prepped for the big day. All I have to do now is figure out meal prep before I go under the knife. I'm planning on meal prepping for the week. And we'll do healthy take out as well. I plan on doing a lot of fruit shakes & drinking plenty of water with cucumber, line & lemon as they will help with my constipation from the pain meds, I'm told.

Cute breakers from target in XLs

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