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I am 33 years old mother of 3 wonderful kids ages...

I am 33 years old mother of 3 wonderful kids ages 12,4, 20 months. After my last baby I have lost 50 pounds with diet & excersize. I am pretty fit except the loose skin in my belly , and my deflated boobs. My surgery is set for Jan 8th. I will be getting a tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation, some lipo & bbl. I am so excited and am counting down the days. I had a BL back in 2005 so I know what to expect with that the only thing I'm nervous about is my TT. I've heard that its similar to having a c-section which kinda makes me feel better cause all 3 of my kids were delivered via c-section and my healing process was good.

1 week till the day

I'm getting so nervous. Mostly worried about my 20 month old son who is extremely attached to me ????


So I started my Bromelain & Arnica Montana today. In have to write down the time I take my meds cause it seems like its going to get a bit confusing

6 days till the day

So excited yet very nervous. Here are some before pictures.

5 days till the day

I swear I'm going to have an anxiety attack. I have so many mixed emotions and feel like crying... What's wrong with me ????

3 days till the day

Started my antibiotics today. I'm still very nervous and want to cry every time I look at my babies ???? . The thought of not being able to tend to them for days is breaking my heart ????


Got the confirmation call. Have to be at the surgery center at 6 am!! This is surreal ????????????


It is 4:30 am and I'm up thinking about my journey & surgery. So many mixed emotions but I can gladly say IM READY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS GOAL IVE HAD ????

The day has come

Good morning ladies. I have so many mixed emotions????????????? that I can't even tell you how I feel this A.M. I barely slept ???? last night even with the Valium I took to calm my nerves. I will try to keep all of you posted later this evening

I did it!!

Well I did it. I think the hardest park was getting into the car but meds help you. I slept all the way home and have been sleeping off and on since. I asked my nurse to take a picture of me when they were complete. So I will show you ladies what it looks like.


Here you go

Post op day 1

I must say having 3 csections weren't as uncomfortable as a tummy tuck. Laying back down is the hardest part. My boobs don't really bother me just feels like I have a 30 pound weight on my chest. I'm constantly sleeping so I guess that's good. My booty looks plump from the BBL. Overall I'm happy I did this.

Post op day 2

Hello ladies.. I thought I should check in for a quick update. Earlier today I felt really nauseated and had the worst headache. But after sleeping half the day I woke up my husband gave me a sponge bath I finally changed my cloths lol. One thing that's helps me since I don't really have an appetite is Acai smoothie with a shot of protein from Jamba Juice.

Post op day 3

Today has been an emotional rollercoaster. I asked my husband a few times " what did I get myself into".. I don't have any pains the only thing that bothers me is my headaches & constipation. I can't wait for the moment I have a BM.


Here are a few pics


Post op day 4

OMG I need to have a BM like today or else I'm going to explode lol. No pain so I stopped my pain meds yesterday. Just a few headaches so I took some Tylenol. I'm going to do an enima later to get the ball rolling with the BM.


After many warm cups of prune juice , stool softeners, and a soft laxative I finally sat on the toilet and after some excruciating pains???? & some screams I finally had a BM. ???? I swear of anyone was to hear me they would think I was delivering a 13lb baby. Lol. I feel relieved now.... On another note I only drained 10cc out of each drain today. Why am I draining so little??

Post op day 6

I have my post op appt today. Can't wait until these bandages get off so I can see some results. I feel a bit nauseous this morning and a little dizzy but don't know why ????. I will take some pictures and try to upload them later.

Post op visit

All went well, still have to wait for drains to come out hopefully in 5 days. Here are some pics!!!

6 day post op pics

Let's see if they upload

Back at home

I was away from my little ones up until today and I must say I'm an emotional wreck because I am so used to doing everything for them and I'm not able too. I can't even change my little boys diaper ????. How much longer until I can be a mom again

Post op day 8

I have decided that I'm going to start sleeping in my bed tonight instead of the couch! I did a test run this morning and was able to get in and out. Yayyyy so I guess that progress. My drains are still in so I'm sponge bathing. I got my hair braided the night before surgery so not washing it would not be an issue but I'm sooo ready to take these braids out and wash ????

PO day 8 pics

Here's an update

Post op day 9

I drove today ???? It was kinda scary however only a 15 mile round trip. I also had my babies all by myself today. My 12 year old helped with heating up food and loading them in car seats but I was able to change 4 diapers. PROGRESS!!!

12 day PO appt

Drains are out!!!!! What a relief. I only got 6 hours of sleep the past 3 night because I was scared and worried that it would hurt but I must say it was just a weird feeling. The only thing that kinda hurt was getting numbing shots in my pubic area. Got the stitches out of my belly button also. Now its time to work on walking up right.

2weeks PO

I'm swollen!!!! I seriously don't want to look in the mirror anymore until the swelling goes down ???? On the up side today was day 2 of being able to fully shower. A shower is a must have ladies!

Date Night

FINALLY DATE NIGHT!!!!! ???? I went ahead and bought myself a wireless cute bra & Maiden Form " temporary date night" garment. I did my hair and & make up ???? and put something cute on ????????. The only thing that was weird is that after a few drinks ???? I started swelling up. My Dr appt is on Mon so I will post some pictures then... ????

PO day 25

Well its been 25 days of feeling happy & upset. Didn't think the healing process would be this long but happy when I wear a tank top without a bra and my breasts looks perky!! Today I have my Dr appt so let's see what the doc says.

25 day PO pics

Here are some pics

Follow up Appt today

Well I had my follow up appt. I asked my Dr how much muscle separation I had and he said 7 inches.. Yikes ???? I'm glad I did this!! On another note I don't have to wear my compression garment nor my breast strap. I'm also allowed to wear bras with wires. When I got home I decided to go bra less and try on some of my cute nighties ? LOVE the way my boobs look.

32 days PO

So I'm feeling pretty good. Standing 98% straight until evening time then I'm slightly hunched over. No pain just feel like my muscles are pulling a little every so often. Still don't fit into jeans do too swell hell lot. But over all I'm doing good. Here are some pics!

36 day PO Date Night

So excited for a date night so I thought I should post a few pics

6 Weeks 4 Days PO

Well I am feeling good. Able to move around and walk 100% upright ????. I'm still swollen which sucks cause I'm ready to see my final result. However I am happy with what I see so far.

7 Weeks PO

Ready for my workout!!! I'm able to walk my full 5 Miles ????

8 Weeks PO

I'm feeling pretty good. Some days I don't like my boobs ???? I just wanted more cleavage and I thought I had expressed that enough to my Dr to understand what I wanted. I'm going to discuss it with him at my next appt. I'm not sure if its the implant size or where it was placed. Other then that my tummy is coming along fine. I can still see some swelling. Here are some pictures

10 Week PO tomorrow

So I've decided to go see my Dr. today with some concerns I have. I will be 10 Weeks PO tomorrow and I don't know I'd its swelling or fat over my belly button. My vaginal area looks really swollen too. Its kinda embarrassing when I where leggings. I feel like I have to hide it with a long shirt ???? I jut don't know what to do. I'm feeling depressed and I feel that I spent so much money I should have the results I was expecting. Also before my surgery I had told the Dr on numerous occasions that I wanted my breasts to be really high and I don't feel like that was done either. I need feedback ladies

12 Weeks 6 days PO

Well I am feeling 100% now. Still have swelling above belly button which is weird I look bloated but Dr says its just swelling and to be patient. Well here are some pics of me now

14 week PO

Well I will be 14 weeks PO tomorrow. Not happy with my results and feel like my PS just said yes to all my wants to get me to choose him as my PS. My breasts aren't what he said they would be and for some reason I'm still swollen above my belly button. I'm thinking I will probably have to spend more $ for lipo to fix that too. So at this point I'm upset with myself for picking the 1st surgeon I went to go see. Ladies do your research & see several surgeons before you choose.

4 1/2 months PO

Well its been a long 4 1/2 months. I'm pretty much healed. Just have some swelling every now & again. I went to the Dr for my revision breast surgery. Im so upset with him & his "surgery coordinator" that i will no longer use my Dr and will look for someone new. This women had the nerve to go off on my mom cause my mom asked the simple question of " why didn't my daughter get the result she asked for when spending $15,000 " . I have to say I am happy with my Tummy Tuck though. My waist seems to slowly get smaller as the days pass. I will keep all you ladies posted when I start going to my new consultations!

4 1/2 months PO

Well its been a long 4 1/2 months. I'm pretty much healed. Just have some swelling every now & again. I went to the Dr for my revision breast surgery. Im so upset with him & his "surgery coordinator" that i will no longer use my Dr and will look for someone new. This women had the nerve to go off on my mom cause my mom asked the simple question of " why didn't my daughter get the result she asked for when spending $15,000 " . I have to say I am happy with my Tummy Tuck though. My waist seems to slowly get smaller as the days pass. I will keep all you ladies posted when I start going to my new consultations!

5 Month 1 Week PO

Overall I'm feeling good. I pretty much work out everyday and eat right . Love my tummy tuck but have started looking for a new PS to give me the boobs I dream of. Some photos for you gals to look at


Excited that I scheduled my 1st consultation for my breast revision. I have scheduled the appt with Dr. Masoud Malek 40+ years experience and he is out of Beverly Hills, Ca. Appt is sch for July 2nd. Can't wait to see what he has to say ????????

1st consultation done

Well I went to m 1st consult and the Dr said I cannot get another lift because my nipples will be too high up and they would be looking straight up & there is no way my skin can hold 700cc implants ( Claudia & Dr. Moelavi told me I would need that to get the look I wanted) . The new Dr said I just need to replace my 400cc Mod+ implants with 500cc High Profile implants ???? so his professional surgery coordinater is going to contact Natrelle to see what options I have. I will keep all you ladies posted.

6 months PO

6 months PO mark as of yesterday. Now I'm clear to get my breast re done yay. 2 Dr's have already told me that my original Dr should have put in 500cc High Profile to get the look I wanted. Anyways dont want to duel over the mistake I made listening and trusting Dr. Mowlavi & that phoney Claudia. Here are some pics

8 1/2 Month PO

I'm doing great . Working out everyday so I can maintain my figure. Boobs still need to be redone but waiting until I find the best Dr for me that is reasonable with pricing.

1 Year PO MM

Its been a little over a year since my MM. I am doing really good! I workout religiously to keep my figure looking good. I sat down with my surgeon and he will be re doing my breasts to give me the look I want. I will be getting another lift with 700cc high profile silicon implants under muscle. It is scheduled for April 12 so I'm super excited. I have included some pictures of my body.

1 year 3 months PO

Hey ladies , I know I haven't updated my profile for a while however here I am with a quick update. I am 1yr 3 months PO with my MM now. I work extremely hard to maintain my figure. I religiously work out and eat healthy. I wanted to get a revision on my breast and am scheduled to do so tomorrow with my same Dr. I will be getting another lift and going 200cc bigger with High Profile implants. I'm excited and yet nervous because I don't know how large my breast will be ????. Here is a pic of me recently in my bikini.

Revision Day

On my way to the surgery center. Will post if I'm not to out if it later

surgery complete

Well ladies surgery is complete and I'm at home resting. Feels like I have a elephant sitting on my chest but the pain in tolerable. I asked for a picture to be taken when complete so here it is

PO Day 3 revision

Well ladies I'm on my 3rd day PO . I'm feeling good still taking pain meds. This time around I'm in a little more pain and there is a lot more pressure. My follow up appt is on Friday. They will take my bandages off so I can see what they look like. I will post a picture then.

1 week PO

So today I am 1 week PO Breast lift with implant revision. I had my appt and James took off my bandages and my boobs are super huge!!!! Lol the swelling just needs to settle. Here is a pic

2 Week PO BL w Implant Revision

Hey Ladies so I'm 2 week PO revision and still pretty swollen! My breasts look like 2 melons when I take my sports bra off but they look great with it on. Here is a pic


Just wanted to post a picture of how my girls look in a nighty!! I love them so much!!! I'm almost 4 week PO so I'm still a bit swollen but love the projection.

1 Month PO Revion

Well its been 1 month now, still swollen and still have my steri strips on. I'm happy with my results and can't wait until my end results

4 Month PO REvision

Hey ladies, its been a long while. I am 4 months PO my revision BL with bigger implants. I am loving my results. I have a lot more projection and can't wait to go shopping for some new bras & bikini top. I'm also 1 year 7 months PO on my tummy tuck. Here is a pic!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Mowlavi was great! I have never met a Dr with such good bed side manner. You can tell he genuinely cares for his patients. I got a full mommy makeover and I must say I have an amazing body! The pain was not bad at all and I was off my pain meds in just 3 days. The hardest part for me was not being able to carry my youngest for a few weeks but with the help from my family everything worked out. I will definitely go back for future services and also recommend any friends and family to Dr. Mowlavi

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