5'5, 125lb 32DD to 30EE ! 600cc naturelle silicone implants!

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I've always wanted to get my breast done since I...

I've always wanted to get my breast done since I was maybe 16, there was never a "perky" phase for me. I only feel confident when I wear a bra and have finally decided it's time I bite the bullet for a BA.

After almost a year of reading reviews I set up a consultation to meet with Dr. Mowlavi. He examined me and recommend I get a breast lift w/ implant to achieve a more attractive look but after speaking with my partner we decided we will go for just a Breast augmentation and decide from there if we want to get a breast lift. Dr.Mowlavi and his staff are extremely educated and were ready to answer any questions my boyfriend and I had. Today I went in for my second consultation and put in my deposit and scheduled for next Tuesday (very soon yes lol) 4/19!!!!!!! As of right now I'm set for 600cc silicone implants, pretty big but why not? I'm very excited and can't wait to see my results. Not sure If I will manage to sleep for the next week.

I am:
5'5, 125lb, 32DD

Ahh 1 more full day!

I'm very excited and nervous....but now I'm scared even with 600cc on my deflated boobs they will still look small . It's so hard to find someone with similar stats as me :(

Surgery is finished ! Woooooo

I was extremely nervous about the surgery. The pain is nothing close to what I expected after reading a couple of scary reviews (I wouldn't consider myself to have a high pain tolerance either.) I finished around 11:30...well that's the time I woke up to a nurse asking me how I was doing. The only discomfort I feel is when I move my arms, otherwise it's definitely manageable. I took a sneak peak and I am so happy with my results for day 1.

As I mentioned before my concern for 600cc would be disappointing but Dr. Mowlavi assured me they would look great on my frame, I'm so happy I trusted his word and didn't didn't try to persuade him into going bigger. Although my nipples aren't in the center of my breasts (I opted out of getting the recommended breast lift, will leave the scars for later in life) I am so happy with my results so far and am very hopeful I will feel the same in the end.

I received 600cc naturelle silicone implants, inframammary incension.

Previous size: 32DD
Weight: 127lb
Height : 5'5 - 5'6

Suck a couple pictures heading back home and at home.

Pain is slowly creeping up

Well soreness on my sides from the trouble of getting out of my bed. I wish my bed was much much higher :( I've been in and out of sleep all day (which I love because the Valium did NOTHING for me last night). I'm suprised how comfortable I've been sleeping on back since I'm a religious stomach sleeper but my back pillow has been a tremendous help....and the painkillers lol.

Here are some underboob pics

Pains meds aren't helping

I took 1 oxycondone acetaminophen around 6:45pm and have yet to notice a difference. Mostly in my armpit area due to constant movement maybe? ugh! sucks.

Day 3, still in love with my boobs aesthetically

Implants are still high & mighty on my chest wall. Pain has increased a bit because of all the work I have done using my arms. I know my family doesn't mind but I feel so bad asking them to open or hand something so simple to me so I try to do it myself. It takes away all of my energy. My biggest problem is getting out of bed, there is no easy way since it is so low. I love the feel of my boobs near my areola area, so soft and natural, going to start massaging my top area as best as I can so they can drop and not be as hard.

Medicine started to kick in when I started this post so sorry if I didn't make any sense.

Took some pictures after rewrapping myself, shadows make them look a little weird but implants just needs to drop & fluff.

On cloud 9

Woke up with morning pain around 6am, fell back asleep, took medicine around 8:30 am and have been in and out of sleep just completely relaxed since then. One thing I've noticed since my BA is my right arm/hand is constantly falling asleep and it's starting to bother me...otherwise 0 pain.c

No more bandages

I can't stand to wear the bandages anymore (I'm supposed to until Tuesday) and here's how they look. This isn't the ideal look for women seeking a BA but please keep in mind I opted out of the recommend breast lift AND breast augmentation and just received 600cc silicone implants. I personally am happy and love the volume. Follow up this upcoming Tuesday, can't wait to get that over with.

My pain is very minimal, I hate taking medicine so I am really enjoying the break.

5am and can't sleep

I became nervous about not wearing the bandages so I put them back on and my breast are so sore now :( I feel great with out it and cannot wait till Tuesday! Also I tried driving today (2 blocks) and I'm definetly going to wait a little longer before I am back behind the wheel, draining moment.

Confidence rapidly building up

It's amazing how much more attractive I feel. I tried on a couple of shirts that I would never have the confidence to wear in public with out a bra and looked GREAT! I am so happy with my decision and it's only day 5.

I have noticed my left boob has yet to drop compared to my right so I am religiously wear my pink band above to hopefully speed up the process otherwise no complaints. I went to Marshalls to buy sports bra and ladies if you haven't checked them out please do, great items for cheap prices 2 bras for $10.00 (good quality).

In the midst of having the worst night of my life


I don't know if this is due to my B.A Or almost a month period due to the devil depo shot but I woke up around 2am feeling extremely nauseous. I drank a tiny of bit of water, tried to used the bathroom with no luck and went back to bed. Couldn't fall asleep the feeling was getting so bad so I put the patch behind my ear I was prescribed for nausea and immediately after I was done things went downhill.

Now 3:30 and I'm finally cleaned up but still feel a little on edge. I just want to cry.

Now 5:30 and I'm back throwing up. I dont know what to do.

Things are looking good again!

So happy Sunday night was a short lived nightmare. I feel 100x's better and am no longer on edge. I do think like I took two step backwards because of all the energy draining that happens when you TMI: vomit so I am a little more sore than I should be at this point.

Finished my 1 week follow up this morning and Dr.Mowlavi has now said I have to wear a sports bra with my band on top. Such a relief, the wrap around bandage was driving my crazy. I really LOVE my boobs and am glad I'm saving a breast lift for later in life. Everyday they feel more and more soft (except for the morning time, ugh lol) but I can't wait to see/feel my final results.

Will take pictures and compare old ones with how I look in clothes now :)

Thank you everyone for your support, it really does mean and help A LOT.

I know it's early but I got sized today

For fun went to the mall and try on different sizes to see what range I would be in

Victoria secret: 32DDD, I was kind of disappointed because wow I was already that size there for the most part lol.

Nordstroms:30DDDDD = 30H !!!!!! Music to my ears lol.

Pics are at VS, 32DDD full coverage & half cup style. Sorry they don't clean their mirrors ! My implants still need to drop so excuse their highness lol...still happy though.

Why I'm okay with not getting a breast lift.

Areola/nipple size and placement was a huge thing for me. I wanted more volume in my breasts, which is exactly what I have right now. My areolas are still pretty low but it doesn't bother me because I look great in clothes with and with out a bra now :) I know later in life I will need a lift but as of right now I would rather not have the scars. (My current ones don't even show because they're hidden by my fold!
) So far I'm happy with my decision and wanted to clarify so I don't deter any potential paitents from Dr.Mowlavi and his REQUESTED work on me. He strongly recommended a breast lift so my areolas would be in the center of my implant (or how ever he described it) and I get the ideal look women are looking for as results of a breast augmentation but I opted out willing to take a chance and see the results with out one.

More pics

Sent my S.o these since he's out of town.

I can not wait until my left boob catches up with my right and they both reach their final destination lol. The bottom of my boob seems oddly shaped in the standing up picture but they aren't.

Overall things are going good!

Still sore on my sides and a bit where my incisions are but that's expected. My nipples are EXTREMELY sensitive so going to buy a pair of pasties and hopefully that helps. Around the house I feel fine but it's weird as soon as I go out I start having excruciating back and shoulder pain? I think it's because I'm so nervous or idk? My boobs don't feel heavy to me but when I'm out it feels as if I am holding a elephant on my shoulders...going to look into a better bra. I also have slept well in a very long time, after my surgery I was fine but now I barely get any rest..maybe 4 hours a night.

Despite those complaints things are going great for my boobs themselves, my body is tired and showing me what happens when you're forced to sleep on your back I guess.

Just an update

Left boobs has slowly but surely made progress with catching up to my right. Tried on a bunch of my old lingerie sets from VS and going to give away A LOT of stuff, yay! I can finally sleep on my side with the trade off of sore arms lol. The only discomfort I feel sometimes is from my nipples becoming so sensitive (Which is temporary, and I have relieved with wearing nipple pasties for now) and where my incisions are. I love the way I can further fill out some of my dresses and tops now!

Wow, comparison photo

What a difference (almost want to cry lol). No pain! 100% better a little over a month post-op.

I can't believe how deflated I was but I'm just so happy now that I have volume. I've never felt more confident.

Will post a more detailed update and pictures soon.

LOVING my results more as the days go by

I can't express just how much this has changed my confidence for the better. I am in absolute love with my breast! They feel EXTREMELY natural, it's weird I can't feel my implant in the slightest bit. If I could go back I would've done this sooner.


I'm so confused with my size so I'm going to guess myself at a 30-32 E or EE. At VS I'm told I'm a 32DDD yet I constantly get muffin top despite wearing a no padding full coverage bra. At 1 Nordstrom's I was told I'm a 30H and I almost fainted lol but then at another I was told I'm a 30FF! What the heck. I mainly wear sports bras now since I have yet to find the perfect bra I can feel comfortable wearing all day.

Any help or suggestions where I can check out to get a good bra?

Just an update !!!! yay!

I couldn't be more happier! Everything is going great! All of my friends swear they feel real, I humbly agree. I'm so happy I went through with this. Dr.Mowlavi is amazing!

Quick update!

Haven't posted in a while and I'm a little over 6 months P.O so figured I'd let anyone of interest see how my boobies are doing lol. Going to add photos from different angles. I still have no idea what bra size I am and have officially decided I should stop wasting my time in Victoria's secret because I am no longer welcomed size wise :(

I am still overly excited and pleased with my results. My boobs look huge in some pictures but they are very fitting for my natural body type. No one can tell or suspects I've had any work done.

Almost a year P.O! Yay! Pics

Still amazing how my boobs came out, couldn't thanks Dr.Mowlavi enough. It's great how many people still think I'm natural.

It feels great to wear a bikini and not have it tied as tight as possible, now I barely tie it.


God bless my doctor.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Extremely nice, honest and professional during both consultations.

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