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Below is what I have found out so far when I...

Below is what I have found out so far when I inquired about which laser services (for acne scars) are provided from each doctor/ medi spa in Lafayette, La. Most tried to book me for a consultation and were reluctant to tell me what lasers they even use. Obviously I can't afford to pay over a hundred bucks at ten different places for a consultation just to find out if they even provide a service that I want. It was somewhat of a feat just to find out if each place has ablative lasers or not, the name of the lasers they use, and the approximate price I have not booked any office yet. I am not including any dr/ spa names but if you message me I can give you those details. I will also be reviewing the service once it has been performed. FYI I have light to moderate acne scars, of the rolling or boxcar type, and I am 30 year old female. My skin type is either a 3 or a 4, probably a 3, but I never go in the sun because I hate it. I hate the sun. I have no tan, but I tan fairly easily. I have no tan lines. I should be much more tanned because I have olive complexion but I don't because I do not go outside in the daytime. I was born looking like I had a tan but now my skin looks like a pale asian's color even though I am not asian (yellow undertones, very very fair and pale.)
I have made a cheat sheet to refer back to in about 6 months when I am ready to have the procedure done. I made this to keep track of what I talked abt with each place because it was getting quite confusing talking to so many places. I would recommend others to do this so they can compare everything available to them side by side. I also included the rating from realself for each laser.
Medispa 1- Uses Sciton for their ablative surface, which is ranked very poorly. The cost quoted on the phone on Sept 9,2013 was $1800-2400 for the ablative, not sure for the non ablative. Esthetician went on and on abt the laser is “the rolls royce of lasers” even though I know it is not a good laser. She was nice but sales-persony. She is not a dr. but an esthetician and said it would be an estitician not a dr performing these services (“but they have had the training” sounds risky) They use Sciton laser- 36% rating very low
Medi Spa 2- emailed back and forth. Consultation fee is $100 and $50 of that will go towards your first procedure. The nonablative laser they use is the Palomar. For the non-ablative treatment it is $750. (u need 5, totaling $3750, no thanks.) They do offer the ablative fractional treatment the DEKA Smartxide DOT . The estimated cost for that treatment for a full face is $3200. Dr. performs the ablative and an esthetician performs the non-ablative. The ratings seem fair to good but they are charging much more than the average cost of the DEKA Smartxide laser . 67% for smartxide rating- one of the higher rated lasers
Dr 1 &2 (shared practice) Emailed and got response from staff. Consultation $100 no deals. Spoke on the phone with Dr. on Sept 11 2013. The laser service they have is the Matrix CO2 laser./ Sandstone. This is a non ablative laser (i.e. less effective). Dr quoted @ 1200 per treatment. He said twice a year he would perform this. He also mentioned doing several things that I don’t need- “a whole regimen” “microdermabrasion in between” “fillers first then doing the laser” Sounds like he may be more worried about charging money for stuff I don’t need or want. He also kept talking about ice pick scars after I told him I don’t have ice pick scars. Like right after- He started saying stuff abt Ice pick scars then he paused and I said I don’t have ice pick scars. Then he said," Well what I would do for ice pick scars if you did….. " blah blah blah. He did not speak about the rolling scars I do have. That just tells me he will not listen to my concerns nor is he concerned with what I need- just what he can sell to me.
Dr.3- They do offer free consultation & laser skin resurfacing.The website lists ActiveX- Deep FX CO2. DEEP FX- Average Price via realself: $2,825 65% worth it rating . Their price is alot more at $3600. She said if you don’t get anesthesia it knocks $600 off. (so it would be $3000)
Dr 4 - spoke with a dr who would perform the procedure. He sounds nice on the phone- not too sales pitchy.He offers feathertouch- $4000+ (sharplan ) which is an older laser, so I did not find the rating on here. It seems very expensive but he said you only need to go once.
Consultation $75 -goes toward service
Dr. 5- offers pixel $2800 but had to refer to another dr because she is soon to be on maternity leave.

two face to face consults/update

I went in for a consult with Dr. 3. He said I have all three types of acne scarring so I guess I must have won the acne scarring lottery. He was nice enough, but did not have photos of before and after for acne scarring and said I would have to be put under anesthesia.. (I am terrified of being put under and don't want to.) He did show me some before and after photos and they were not very impressive, to be honest. I spoke with their financial planner, which always seems like I am being guaged to see how much I can possibly be extorted.... She realized that I literally only have so much money and am not going to miraculously produce money- and emailed me later with a large reduction. Originally, the day of my consult they said the cost would be $3500, but later emailed and offered $2600.
Dr. 5- They must be outsourcing their laser services to a travelling technician who is only there once a month. He had no pictures at all. He said I would probably only see a 25% improvement. He said he would not do ablative on me, it was too much risk as far as recovery. It seemed like he really just wanted to laser me three times. The price was a lot less than the doctors, but, he is not a doctor. After talking he decided the best approach would be a mixed laser session, with ablative on my cheeks (on the side of my face by my ears) only, and non ablative everywhere else. I really wanted to just do ablative and get it over with but he seemed dead set against it.
This is a money making game. If you are looking for a laser service please beware of anyone who makes you purchase a package of a series of treatments and makes you pay upfront. This is a money making tactic and not in your best interest if you have moderate to severe scarring. If you have light scarring you may not need ablative, but why would you commit to a series of treatments that you potentially don't need?


Dr. 3 was $2800 not $2600.

mini update.

Dr 3 emailed back at $2500. He is the one offering total fx which has a high rating for lasers. I am considering this one- not convinced yet but this may be the best option available to me in this area.
I called back to ask about the laser tech at Dr. 5. They do not have any pictures of his work and refused to give me his name, just his 1st name not his last name due to "confidentiality reasons." Ok so I am supposed to let someone laser my face without any seeing any credentials, references, or their name? And if it goes horrible wrong? Should I just tell my lawyer "Steve" did it? RED FLAGS!! I had been seriously considering this before today because it's sooo much less expensive, but I don't think so anymore.

scheduled, but still uncertain

I have the procedure sheduled to have total fx done by a plastic surgeon. I would rather have the Smart Dot but it's over $1000 more.

just around the corner, wish me luck!

My procedure is scheduled for about two weeks from now. My pre-op appointment is in one week. I am so nervous about having this done! The results could be great, or could be terrible! I am going to remain optimistic about this until I have reason not to (which hopefully I never will.) I decided on the total fx, as I mentioned earlier. I decided on this for two reasons- he was more flexible on the price, and he is a doctor, not a laser tech. I figure with the laser tech I would be taking more risk of scarring or having a bad result, with the doctor i am not really worried that he will mess my face up. I am a little worried that I will see little to no results. I am going in hoping for the best. It's a lot of money! I am not having the anesthesia, just nubing cream and lidocaine shots to my face. I hope I can tolerate the pain! It's gonna hurt so bad! I have had several sessions of tattoo removal laser, with no type of numbing agent at all, and that was pretty intense so I can only imagine how tough this will be. I am gonna power through it I guess. I wonder if i will have to get inserts in my eyes? that's scary! gosh I hope it comes out well. Wish me luck, real self community. I will try to link my review of the actual procedure once I have had it done.

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