21 Year Old. Breast Augmentation. 130 lbs. no kids. 550cc's!! - Lafayette, CA

I had my pre-op appointment on Monday, May 15th!!...

I had my pre-op appointment on Monday, May 15th!! I decided for sure on having 550cc's unless she thinks I should go smaller but I wan't somewhere around that size. Im super excited and can not wait to finally have matching boobies that look MUCH bigger. Currently an A-small B and want to be a DDd!!

SO Excited for the Day to Come!!!

So I have NOT been sleeping... and I tried to take the anti anxiety pills that my dr gave me but they dont seem to be working.... so its 6am and ive been up since 2am... oh well... he anyone else had sleep troubles before surgery??? Anyways a little ABOUT ME. Im 21. Been flat all my life due to being a gymnast and cheerleader where that part of the body wasnt needed!! But then grew up constantly bullied by my own brothers and the boys at school for always being "flat". Also my right is bigger than my left but ill include some before photos very soon. I am so excited for this procedure. The date is May 26th 2017 and Ill be getting 500-550cc allegra natrelle implants.. not sure exactly on the size yet but I know what I want them to look like. Anyone getting implants on the same weekend or in may/june?? let me know how you're process is going. (: need any ideas that are working for you, especially on sleep!!

Thanks!! Alexa


So, this took a lot of guts but these are my before boobie shots. Can not wait to see the difference!!

Had an Insecure Day.....

I was at the gym and in the locker room all these women were walking around with their boobs out(as would i if i had them!!) and i ran to the shower and made sure no one saw me... because of how embarrassed i felt. and before that when I was working out i went to do a side plank not realizing i didnt wear a sports bra today and my right(which is way smaller than my left) started to almost show.... i was so frustrated. I realized I left a sports bra in my car so once i changed i kept my bra on underneath AND then had my sports bra on top. I always do that so that i dont have to look completely flat.

Now that im getting this surgery Im realizing just how much having small boobs effects me. It complete shoots down my confidence and makes me work harder just to make myself feel like mine are bigger than what they are!!! I can not WAIT for this life changing surgery. And right before summer too!!! 9 DAYS. Holy poop.


Im currently at the gym on the stair master(which i never do) because i slept 4 hours due to anxiety. I am starting to get terrified about my procedure... I have mine in 8 days. I suffer from severe anxiety/depression so thats probably not helping my situation. I am 21 and although I don't live with my mom she still helps me financially A LOT. Also her opinion and approval mean EVERYTHING to me, BUT i haven't told her Im getting mine done yet... its all paid for and set up so Its not like I have the choice to back out now.. Im debating on when to tell her. I know ill want her after my surgery to be there and help me... ugh its a hard situation. I think thats adding to my anxiousness.. also i have 2 close friends that i LOVE but they both think i should go smaller instead of getting 500-550ccs and get like 400... but newsflash!!! I don't like the 400cc's when i tried them on... so let me be!! I just feel like this is SUCH a positive thing happening in my life and everything's trying to get in the way.
I called today to see if I can reschedule my appointment earlier this next week like Mon-Thurs so I can get this shit over with and be HAPPPYYYY!!!!! Anyways, thats my rant today. Functioning on no sleep is starting to get to me, also my nightmares are not helping. Ive never had surgery before except when I broke my femur but actually choosing to change my body forever is kind of a scary thought. I hate my boobs. Im tired of feeling less of a woman and disproportionate. Okay alexa, take deep breaths. I got this.... ill keep ya posted. Pray that I get a sooner date!!!!

Told my mommy!!

She completely supports me. Ugh. What a relief. Now I can officially be excited for this new chapter in my story!

Schedule move-up!!

So I called my dr's office today and they said that they couldnt move up my appointment date))::: BUT then they called back because they have an opening at 6AM on Monday May 22nd instead of the 26th!! I am SO happy.
I wanted to move up my date because my work didnt schedule me at all to work next week and i would have had way more recovery time. I cant believe its SO soon. I am so excited.


Omg i am so nervous.... holy poop. Tomorrow is the day that will change my life forever. I cant believe it.



Holy shit

I've been reading all of these different reviews that say the pain was not so bad but I got 550 cc's and I am IN PAAAAIN. To get up for the bathroom, eat, itch my back, anything... hurts like a mothrfuckrr. Percocet is failing me right now. I just want to see my boobs already!!!

Once I cab take my shit off, ill be able to send pics. This has been really hard to type due to the painkillers..... hahaha anyways any tips on recovery?


So they are still VERY swollen. And VERY in much painful but heres some pics of them. Last night i couldn't sleep at all because of the pain but once i looked this morning.. it was all worth it.

Day 3 post op

So since Dr. Persons did liposuction in my armpits as well to contour my breast augmentation.. that is where I seem to be having the most pain. I actually have to go and get more percocet from the dr's office today because of the pain that im in. They seem to look pretty good though, just spaced apart and high. I can tell my implants are in my armpit pretty much.. if that makes sense. Well Ive heard it gets worse before it gets better so i hope this is the worse....

Update!! 3rd day Post Op!

So I went back to the doctors to check up on a rash Ive had in between my boobs and it looks like it was most likely caused from my antibiotics!! So now I am on 2 different antibiotics and a steroid to calm it down.. so if anyone breaks out after their surgery... don't dismiss it! Hopefully Ill be feeling better by tomorrow but until then im gonna take 2 more Percocet and fall asleep. Btw driving is a WHOLE new deal with boobs.. i figured that out today.
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So blessed to have found her. What an amazing woman. She truly makes a change in the world.

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