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Hi everyone. I’m 53 years old. I had my breast...

Hi everyone. I’m 53 years old. I had my breast augmentation yesterday morning. Saline, 260cc. My main reason for having this done is that my breasts were uneven. I had a tumor removed from my right breast years ago, and then my two daughters favored that breast when I was breast feeding, so it was larger and lower than the left side. I’ve included a photo of what I look like today. Not as bad as I thought. I’m in a fair amount of discomfort when I move, especially bringing my arms up in front or out to the sides, but nothing I can’t handle. The vicodin and muscle relaxers really help. The best things that I did to prepare for this were:

For a few days before the surgery, I paid attention to all the situations where I had to push, pull or lift something, then figured out what I would do in those situations after the surgery. For example, the doors to the ladies’ room at work is very heavy, so I’ve recruited a couple of female co-workers to discretely follow me to the bathroom to open the doors for me when I return to work.
I positioned light step-stools in my closet and kitchen, so I can get clothes and dishes down without raising my arms above my shoulders.

I got a Homedics chair massager (the kind with rotating ‘thumbs’). My back hurts almost as much as my front, and it felt SOO good to get a back massage last night. Since it doesn’t vibrate or pull the skin, it doesn’t bother my front.
I did grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks, and all the laundry.

I switched to a small light purse and carried it for a few days to make sure I had everything that I need in it.

11/2/12: I'm one week post-surgery now. I've...

I'm one week post-surgery now. I've included an updated photo: Some of the swelling has gone down, but they still look like exploding cones to me. Bruising has come to the surface in the middle, under my breasts, and down my right side. The right side seems to be having a more difficult recovery. That side is puffier on top, the muscle feels a little weak, and any movement seems to aggravate it. I called the Dr. yesterday, who assured me that this is part of the recovery. I've been back at my desk job since Tuesday, 3 days ago. She says I should not have gone back to work so soon, but I just can't afford the time off. I have to admit, though, it has been tough. I'd definitely recommend taking at least a week off if you possibly can. Driving and getting in and out of the car are major ordeals; I just have to go very slowly and pay attention to moving in ways that don't injure myself. Sitting at my desk is not so bad, but by lunch I just want to take a nap. I'm glad it's Friday so I can look forward to spending the weekend doing nothing. I've been sleeping sitting propped up in bed, with a neck pillow (the kind people bring on flights). I think I can start sleeping in less of an inclined position tonight, looking forward to that. I'm glad I didn't go super-big on the implant size. Any larger and I'd be worried about stretch marks, and it's definitely a psychological adjustment to get used to seeing myself with full breasts.

11/9/12: I'm now 2 weeks post-surgery.My right...

I'm now 2 weeks post-surgery.My right side (your left looking at the photo) is still bulged above the breast, and I still have some bruising on that side - I think the swelling/bruising is delaying the implant from settling. My left side is doing great though, and I have a lot of my arm usage and range of motion back. I had the stiches out 5 days ago and the Dr. says I'm doing as expected.
I don't 'feel' like I have implants, it feels very natural, like it's all me.
250 ccs look enormous to me. I was concerned that maybe I was being too conservative, but I can't imagine being any bigger.
Most uncomfortable:
sleeping - it's hard to stay on my back all night, I feel really swollen in the morning, and pulling myself up out of bed is still a bit of a challenge.
driving - getting in/out, putting on my seatbelt, steering.
not exercising - I started walking today, but it will be a few more weeks until I can get back to my normal routine. All the resting has lowered my metabolism, so I have to be very careful about my calorie intake.
Most fun:
I've been going without a bra quite a bit. It feels good and I look great. I'm so glad I'll never buy another padded bra in my life!
cleavage - when I do wear my sports bra, I look like I'm going to jump out the top of my t-shirt. I can't wait for bathing suit season!

11/16/12: I've posted a current photo of how I...

I've posted a current photo of how I look now at three weeks after the procedure. I still have a little bit of bruising on the right, and some swelling, but I'm starting to feel much better. I can move around more easily, and I slept on my side for the first time last night without major discomfort. They're looking more natural now and the scars are pretty well hidden.
My skin has become super-sensitive all over the breasts and half-way down my stomach. It feels very raw, although it looks fine. Even the softest fabric rubbing against it a little bit feels like burning sandpaper. I was constantly changing in and out of bras and various shirts trying to find some relief. The best thing I've found for this is cling wrap. I use some lotion on my skin first, plaster a big piece of Saran Wrap across my front, molding it to my skin, and then put a bra or camisole over that. The plastic wrap sticks to the lotion and doesn't move at all. I hope this idea helps anyone else who is experiencing the same discomfort.

I'm at a little over 10 weeks now. I'm back to my...

I'm at a little over 10 weeks now. I'm back to my normal exercise routine: running, weights, yoga. I can even do 20 pushups again. I had a bra shopping spree a couple of weeks ago and I'm delighted that I'm a full C.
The chest muscles on my right side were very tight, I could tell when I started exercising again that I didn't have a good range of arm motion and they would cramp and pull when I raised my arm over my head. I've been massaging the muscles on my chest and under my arm hard several times a day, and they're almost totally relaxed now. This has made the bulge above my right breast go down quite a bit, and they're almost even now. I think in another month any residual swelling will be gone, and they'll be pretty balanced. Posted a new pic of how I look today.

I'm posting my 'before' photo. The latest photo...

I'm posting my 'before' photo. The latest photo that I took a few weeks ago still looks pretty current. Everything is evening up well. The stiffness/swelling on my right side is going away with time. I think the muscles were traumatized and were just taking a long time to relax. At this point I don't even think about the difference in my body much. I'm used to the proportions and it no longer feels like it's 'not me'.

photos removed.

I've removed my photos.
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I interviewed five doctors before I picked Dr. Ma. I liked the fact that she was female, and she really covered all the bases with me. I felt that she took an interest in understanding my needs as an individual and not just moving me through the assembly line. She had me pick out photos from the internet and go over them with her to make sure we agreed on what I was looking for.

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