Tca Prep on Shins for Hyper Pigmentation

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So this weekend I'm going to fix some very dark...

So this weekend I'm going to fix some very dark hyper pigmentation on my legs from my hockey days. I'm not too worried but this is more a test before I try it on the scars on my face. I want to tests strengths on a place that I'm not too worried about. I'm trying it at 20%. Hopefully that'll be strong enough.


I'm gonna try this weekend but these are the dark spots.

I did it!

So we'll see if it works...

Sooo yea I gotta try again

Well I think I didn't put it on long enough so nothing end up peeling. I think I'm gonna up the strength to 25% and leave on for 3 1/2 minutes. Next weekend guys :(

And trial number two!

Okay this time perfect images tca 15% peel w 5% salicyic acid. No grad school this week so yay. Now Amazon you can buy it for 4 bucks this week they have an amazing sale going on. (Not a rep)

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