Petite Mother of 2 needs/wants luscious lady lumps. 5'3", 107lbs, 350cc moderate plus, silicone gel - Oceanside, CA

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I am 37 years old, breastfed 2 babies and I am a...

I am 37 years old, breastfed 2 babies and I am a devoted runner, training for 3 half marathons this year. It's nearly impossible to retain any fatty tissue in my breasts so I am super insecure. So much that I am embarrassed in front of my own husband and cringe when he touches them. :( Ready 4 change

Getting "my ducks in a row"

I'm 2 weeks and a few day away from my BA and I cannot stop thinking about it!!!! I'm so excited that I want to get everything ready. Rx dropped off, Hibiclens ordered on Amazon...I want to get some extra bras...where do you guys recommend?

4 year old daughter

Surgery tomorrow morning, aaahhhhhh!!!! Does anyone have any thoughts on how to explain to my 4 year old daughter why I look different/why I am in pain? I'm not sure how to explain my concern...she's only 4...but I don't want her to think she will have to or want to get a BA. I would support her if she did but...I'm probably overthinking. Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.

11 days post op

I didn't post much pre-surgery but now I am on the other side and am SO excited I did it. The day of surgery, everything happened so fast, I had no time to psyche myself out and freak out. Before I knew it, I was getting on the operating table, I said "God's got me" and that's the last I remember. I woke up in recovery feeling suuuuuper loopy. Nurse seemed amused by me. She said to my husband "she must be a fun drunk, is she a fun drunk?" I looked at her and said "I haven't drank in 5 years sooooo, no, I'm not." Haha. I just celebrated 5 years of sobriety from alcohol and I SORTA have been looking at this as my I found some humor in that for some reason. Happy to feel that way. Anyway, lots and lots of pressure in my chest and back but I was not in unbearable pain. And honestly, the pain overall hasn't been THAT bad. I took the pain medication as prescribed, never got nauseous and have KINDA found it comfortable to sleep upright. But now, 11 days post op, I'm over it. I cannot wait to sleep on my sides again. I've had 2 post op appts. I was VERY patient and never took the surgical bra off to see how they turned out so I didn't see them until 9 days post op. Whoa!!!! My husband came with me and was beside himself the rest of the day...beside himself with excitement, that is. I was told how to massage and I'm going to be religious about it! I think the massaging is a huge part of getting the results you want. So far, the right is dropping faster than the left but after all the stories I have read on here, I know that it is normal so I am not going to worry. All is good time. I love my surgeon, Dr. Pousti and his entire staff. I highly recommend them. I am posting pics.

Oops, had to crop photos first

11 days post op. Stats: 5'3", 107lbs, 350cc in both. And I feel disgusting that I haven't gotten all the marker off yet. I am gonna work on it tomorrow. Been taking baths and only just took off the bra on Friday. (Annnnd I just realized you can crop in this app soooo, now I know.)

2 week update

Wow!!! I am just blown away by my progress so far. Ladies, follow your surgeon's orders!!!! The "boob job" isn't done when your implants are put in. Wear the surgical bra as instructed and massage as much as you can when they say you can. I am just 2 weeks post op and my breasts are settling in perfectly. My husband said they are looking exactly like my goal pics and I have to say I think I agree. I didn't post a lot of wish pics but my progress pics speak for themselves. I can't wait to get the green light to cease wearing the surgical bra and wear my own sports bras. Next follow up appt on the 23rd. Check out my boobies!!!! 350cc, moderate plus.

3 week update

It feels like it has been longer than 3 weeks. I think I am getting impatient, that's why. Per my surgeon's instructions, I am STILL wearing the surgical bra. My left breast still needs to catch up to my right breast's progress. Even though I have read tons of people's journeys and know it can be normal, I still sent a pic to my surgeon for peace of mind. He assured me it is very normal and all looks good from my pic but he'll do a more thorough exam at my follow up appt next Tues.

I am really really hoping the progress isn't being slowed down because of something I did or am doing. I also REALLY hope I can wear regular sports bras next week. This thing is so tight and hard to hide. I am including pics.

4 week update: I love them even more!!!

I had my 4 week post op appt on Tues and I got the green light to cease wearing the surgical bra. Finally!!!! I hated that thing!!! Dr. Pousti also told me I can shower in a week and finally get the incisions wet. I can't wait for the steri strips (or whatever they are called) fall off. I feel great! My left is dropping more and more, they almost look perfectly symmetrical. Soooooo happy!!! Love love love. I'm going to continue to massage and give the left more attention. Pics included:)

I love love love my booooobies

Patience and vigorous massage is key. I was really getting worried about my lefty dropping and fluffing but here we are at 6 weeks post op and I think it's just about caught up all the way. Almost. They are both quite squishy and my hubs love them.

I still have not been officially sized for bras. What?!?! I know. Since I'm basically wearing sports bras all the time, I haven't made a point to buy any others yet. The sports bra I am wearing in these photos is a 32C and I think it's too small????

I can't tell you how happy I am that I chose Dr. Pousti to perform my BA. He truly is an artist, going above and beyond to achieve the results you want.

Next update I'll include more pics with clothes and bras. Haha.

I am only 11 days post op but I can already tell that I am going to LOVE my new breasts. When I decided I wantwd to get my boobs done, I wasted no time. Dr. Pousti and his staff worked with my timeline and got me in for a consultation very quickly. I knew right away I wanted him to do the procedure and didn't look any further. He has a certain kind of humble confidence about him. His bedside manner is awesome and he has a great sense of humor. His entire staff is a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to my visits, even though it's a far drive for me. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for breast augmentation surgery.

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