7 Years Post Op. Not Worth It - La Jolla, CA

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I had the lap band in 2009. The first year I lost...

I had the lap band in 2009. The first year I lost 65 lbs. It was a difficult year adjusting to the daily vomiting, horrible acid reflux and the pressure of the food sitting on the band. I kept the weight off a couple of years, then gained all back by the 4 the year. I started seeing a nutritionist which helped. I saw her for a year and lost 20 lbs. I'm currently working with a psychologist to help me deal with my emotions and learn how to be happy without over indulging. I can pretty much eat a full plate of food. It does take about am hour though. The biggest challenge for me was eating a1/2 portion, half hour later, eating the rest. Basically you can graze small portions all day long and end up taking just many calories in if you didn't have the band. Unfortunately I've developed horrible acid reflux from the band being to tight. The band has caused a herina and I'm scheduled to have it removed in a few months. At that time I'm converting to the gastric bypass. My Dr. Said the sleeve also causes horrible reflux and they rarely do the band anymore. Everyone's journey is different and yours might work out fine. You do have to put A LOT of effort into keeping the weight off. It's just as hard as if you didn't have the band.
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