5'5", 115lbs, 34A Adding 365cc HP Natrelle Inspira Implants - La Jolla, CA

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I'm 5'5", 115lbs, starting at a 34A (just barely)...

I'm 5'5", 115lbs, starting at a 34A (just barely) and I'm aiming for a large/full C cup.

I've worn push up bras probably since I was 13yrs old and I've always been embarrassed by my breasts. I'm tired of my boyish figure and I want to look and feel like a real woman. I'm so happy and excited to finally have the opportunity to get the breasts of my dreams!

Follow me in my journey. ????????
I've already been to my consultation appointment and my Pre-Op is tomorrow!! I can't wait! ????

PreOp Appointment

Today was the PreOp appointment. I tried on dozers again and I confirmed 400cc HP silicone implants.

Now the real count down begins for May 5th!!!

Just PreOp Photos

Boob Greed

I'm 6 days away from my surgery and I've already changed my mind on the size of my implants twice, and I'm still wanting more.
Originally it was planned for me to get 365cc and achieve a C cup. Then at my PreOp I decided I wanted bigger, with 400cc to achieve a D cup.
Now I'm thinking 425cc-450cc, because I'm not sure if I'll get a D cup but I also think I might overspill into a DD.
Obviously, the extra cc's are going to be dependent on how much Dr. Roark thinks my body can take.
So for now I'll just post my boobspirations!

Just 3 Days Away

So I'm just 3 days away from surgery and I'm pretty sure I'm annoying all my friends with my excitement. Haha

The most common question I get from friends is "Why?"
And my go to answer is always, "Because since I was a teenager, I've wanted bigger boobs."
Which is very true. I used to stuff my bra when I was in middle school, and I hoped that one day the Titty Fairy (as my mother would call it) would visit me, but she never did. But the real motivational push was actually what happened in January of this year.

One night, my boyfriend and I were about to go meet a friend to party it up at some bars. When, on our way out the door, I got this sudden intense pain in my lower abdomen. It hurt so much it made me ill and I texted my friend that I wasn't going to go anymore. He obviously was upset and replied, "Pussy." Lol
My pain continued throughout the night and my stomach bloated up like a balloon. Every movement I had made it hurt more and I started to think that maybe I was just extremely constipated! I tried to brush it off and we went on a day trip to go rock climb in Joshua Tree (a 2.5hr drive). By the time we got there I was in such immense pain that I didn't want to leave the car, or move, or breathe. My boyfriend suggested we go to the hospital, but given that I don't have health insurance and I can only go to VA hospitals, my options were limited out there.
At home the next day, I started to think I had appendicitis. Whenever I touched my stomach or moved, the pain was sudden and sharp. It was pretty agonizing. So I finally decided I'd go to the emergency room at the VA hospital.

I was admitted almost immediately. And then began testing. Because of my severe allergy to Sulfa, they wouldn't give me a contrast CT until I had been on benedryl for like 6 hours. So they decided to conduct other tests while we were waiting. One being a vaginal ultrasound.
After having that awful ultrasound, I was wheeled back to my room. It couldn't have been more than a few moments later that a doctor came in and told me that I have a grapefruit sized mass on my right ovary.
They explained that it appeared to be a cyst but wanted me to see a gynecologist within the next 12 hours and that I ultimately would need surgery to remove it.
After seeing the gynecologist, we made a surgery date within a week of first meeting her. At my surgery, my doctor explained that there could be something more to this cyst and that I would need to decide whether I was okay with the possibility of losing an ovary. I agreed, to avoid multiple surgeries.
After my surgery, they explained what had happened. The cyst had no distinguishable line between it an the ovary. So they removed the ovary, cyst, and the Fallopian tube (for safe measure). The specimens were sent for pathology.
At my follow up appointment, I was given the results. The cyst was actually a stage I tumor, that had successfully been 100% removed in surgery. My doctor was concerned with the 70% possibility of reoccurrence on the other side and set me up with an oncologist. She then told me that if I ever want children, I need to have them NOW because soon I'll lose that chance completely.

I was completely devasted. I still am.
I have no children, and although I never really wanted children, I never in my life would've thought that I'd lose that option before 40yrs old.

It's been a rough road, mentally, and I've actually had male coworkers publicly announce my anatomical loss to random strangers. I honestly couldn't feel less like a woman, and I've been looking for ways to regain my sense of womanliness. Given that I've always wanted a boob job, I decided that this is a great way for me to feel more like a woman. My small breasts have always gotten me down, and I want to change that.

After my oophorectomy, the VA awarded me some compensation, due to the fact that the military repeatedly refused to treat or diagnose my multiple "female problems." Years went by and I consistently complained that something was wrong with my body, my hormones, and my menstruation, but they ignored me and told me I was fine.

I hold quite a bit resentment towards them for neglecting me and I can't help but wonder if my tumor could've been caught so long ago. Truly there's no way to know how old the tumor was, so it will always be a mystery.

But in a possibly pathetic attempt to regain my womanhood, I decided to make my dream of actual breasts a reality with the use of my compensation.

Now I am so close to my surgery day and I can't even believe that my dream is finally coming true. Sometimes bad things happen to us, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the end. I may never be able to have children, but I'll have some pretty nice boobs and I think I'll be just fine. ;)

Just a Couple More Days!!

Soooo close now! Can I fast forward to May 5th?
I just keep imaging how great I'll look with a few extra cup sizes and I can't wait to go shopping for new bras.

Although the picture only shows 365cc's, I figured I'd post it.

I'm still deciding how I'm going to tell my boss. Right now he just thinks I need a week off for "medical stuff". And I think he thinks it has something to do with the surgery and cancer I had in January. I'm still not sure how he'll take it, but there's really only one way to find out. Fortunately for me, he did say he hired me for my intelligence AND beauty, so I think I'll pitch it to him the day before surgery as "insurance for the company." Haha
My job is managing our contractual customers and the work we preform, typically I'm expected to build good working relationships in order to land more work for the company. It's really not as dirty and objectifying as it sounds!! Lol
But I do believe looking more like an adult woman (as opposed to the boyish body I currently sport) will benefit me in a lot of ways! Probably even just in confidence alone.

Who here has gone from an A cup to a D cup? How was it?

Primarily I'm asking ladies that have never had children, how it was going from an A cup to a D cup, in regards to pain and comfortability after surgery?? My skin is pretty tight everywhere and I'm kind of worried now that implants to a D cup is just going to be awful and painful. How was your experience? And what is your height and weight?

Surgery is Tomorrow

Last day with small boobs!!

Surgery is done

I just got home and I'm in a lot of freaking pain. The anesthesia wore off really quickly and it feels like a semi truck ran over my chest. My left boob feels the worst with muscle cramp/spasm like pain. My doctor went with 365cc because that's all he could fit. :( I hope they aren't to small when it's all said and done.

1 Day Post Op

I'm feeling a lot better with pain killers and muscle relaxers. But it feels like these things are going to jump out of my skin. Haha I have a post op appointment today, so I hope all is well.

3 Days PO

I'm doing alright, my breasts are already softening up! I'm a tad sore in spots and I have weird sloshing/bubbly sounds whenever I move my arms up and down. I'm guessing air or fluid is trapped under the skin and it is just moving around. My swelling has gone down a bit and pain is at a zero with pain killers and when I'm careful with how I use my pectoral muscles. My chest still feels a bit tight but I feel well enough to get out into public. Yesterday my aunt, my boyfriend, and I went to the beach to cruise around and I felt pretty good. The picture is a comparison of before & after. Left is me in an A cup push up bra and right is me with my surgical bra and compression strap. So far I'm happy with the size but I can't wait until they settle and get a little bigger. :)

6 Days PO

Just a little update...
I get a few twinges of pain in my right breast from time to time and I'm thinking it may be because it's my dominant arm/hand.
I also had this strange blister-like thing that showed up starting under my steri-strip and I was a little concerned. It didn't look infected so I let it be and it popped in the shower a few days ago. Now it just sticks to every bra so I put a bandaid over it. Has anyone else had this before?

Issues Upload Pics

8 Days PO

Got my stitches removed today, I'm off the chest band, and I got "Dimrs". They're reusable nipple pasties, that are non-adhesive silicone. I recommend for those who are dealing with torpedo nipples like I am right now!

Current Bra Size

By the way, I got a little over zealous and curious to know what size I am at this point. Currently I'm a 32D(34C). Which is awesome when I started with a 32B(34A). But please, please, please get bigger ladies. I am praying they go up at least one more cup size.

Being Put Down & Feeling Down

Today I am 12 days PO and people at work have started figuring out that I had a BA.

Today it was brought to my attention that a coworker (a 60yr old man), had made the comment behind my back that "they should've given her an ass when they were giving her boobs."
And honestly I haven't felt this bad about my body in a long time and it seems as if the negative comments are coming from all angles. A family member and another coworker made similar comments about my butt, or lack thereof, after my BA. I also had my best friend tell me today that I "need to eat a cheeseburger." I also was told last week that I had horrible skin.

Just when I started feeling sexy and happy, it seems people just want to bring me down.

I made this picture I posted because I'm tired of people making me feel awful about the way I look.
I know I'm skinny, it's a side effect of my medication I take and my weight has been stable for, the almost, two years that I've been taking it. There's nothing I can do about that.
I know I have no butt, but I've been trying to work it out and obviously I had to stop for my surgery and recovery.
I know I have acne, I'm fully aware and have been since I was a teen. I literally have tried everything; creams, washes, antibiotics, and accutane. And my acne returned 2 years after accutane.

I am genetically predisposed to be thin, have no breasts, no butt, and oily/acne prone skin.

But what I don't understand is why people have to say it in the rudest way possible, like I'm totally unaware of how I look. Because I am aware and I'm completely self conscious about the way I look. I got a BA in the hopes to feel better about my body and it seems like no matter how I look, someone is going to have something negative to say.

I have been both fat and skinny and I can tell you that every kind of body shaming hurts.
Skinny shaming is just as real as fat shaming, and I've been dealing with the skinny shaming for quite some time.

14 Days PO

Finally changed out my steri strips myself and got a good look at my scars. Not bad! I had periareolar incisions. The vertical lines on the bottom half are just from my surgical bra seams. One scar is nearly invisible!

19 Days PO

Today was the funeral for my old bras... It was sad but also happy.

As far as pain goes, I have none besides my nipples.
Most of the time, I just go from barely noticing my boobs are there to WTF are these things bolted onto my chest?! It's a strange sensation. And my nipples have been sensitive, but they're getting noticeably better as the days pass. Both lower portions of my breasts are mildly numb. And occasionally it'll feel like my right breast is trying to jump up into my neck and I hate that feeling, so I've started to wear my compression band for a few hours a day to alleviate that sensation.

I have noticed some slight asymmetry in my nipples and I'm slightly annoyed by it, but it's not like my breasts were perfect before!

21 Days PO

So here's how they look 21 days PO with an old bikini! The swelling has gone down a lot and they're looking good in clothes and bikinis! They still look weird in tank tops and braless, but I digress. I'm probably being impatient anyways :-P

25 Days PO

Looking better each day and feeling better too!

27 Days PO

Just a little picture update.
I'm not happy with how uneven my nipples are but seeing as how only my boyfriend and I see them I guess it's not a huge deal. They look good in bikinis and clothing, just not so much when I'm naked. But we will see what the future holds.

30 Days PO

So I noticed in the last week that I've been spilling out of my VS lounge bra and it's been driving me nuts. So I forced my boyfriend out to look for new ones. I am now a 32DD :) Which is a whole size up from last week. So I got my wish! They have gotten bigger!

Implants VS Sizers

I thought this was interesting. Picture on the left is 30 days PO (365cc HP natrelle inspira, submuscular implants), and right are of 400cc sizers.
Granted, the difference between 365cc and 400cc really isn't much. But it appears that sizers aren't very accurate.

35 Days PO

Bought a few bras today and removed the underwire. I was told no wire for the next two months, which is okay with me because my boobs are so round that the underwire gets stuck on them! Like they create a vacuum seal. Haha

48 Days PO

RIPPLING! Ugh, so it started last night when I bent over after a shower. I felt a strange sensation at my right breast crease. I felt around and I was horrified at the feeling. I had some seriously rippling going on. Here's some pics, it may be hard to see, but it was way worse last night.

55 Days PO

Just an update in a tshirt. I have since transitioned to tight tops now that I have boobs. Which is 180 degrees from before when I'd only wear flowly tops to hide my breasts.
I love them. And so far, I'm very happy I got them done.

57 Days PO

Picture update! Getting so close to two months! And I'm really considering bigger implants in the future......

67 Days PO

Natrelle Inspira silicone implants, 365CC, high profile; placed submuscular, with Periareolar incisions.

89 Days PO

So my 3 months is tomorrow and I don't regret getting breast implants in the least bit at this point. I love them and I love that they've grown "close" to one another. ;) I definitely started wearing wired bras before I was supposed to but I really missed the support and they just make them look so awesome!!

97 Days PO

Went to my 3 month appointment and. Was not disappointed by my final results. ???? they make me look healthier and not so frail. I'm so happy with them. Dr. Roark is a magician!

112 Days PO

Love love love them !

156 days PO

Still love them.

174 Days PO

Here's an update on my scars. I have periareolar incisions, and I'm very happy I chose that route. Why? Because they're almost invisible. ;) Also, when I do upgrade, they can use the same incision site.

250 Days PO

I still love them. These are to show how they look on me. I'm 5'5" 125lbs with 365CC implants.

254 Days PO

Just more progress photos. For better perspective on the D&F, notice where the breast tissue sits in comparison to certain moles on these before and afters. :)

254 Days PO

Okay. Here are the photos........ for better perspective on D&F, look where my breasts sit relative to certain moles in these before and afters. :)

340 Days PO

So not sure if it's because my implants are still settling or if it's because I put on 10lbs since my surgery, but I'm now a 32DDD. Woo!

1 Year PO!!!

Happy boobiversary to me!!!

426 Days PO

I just wanted to say thank you to all the supportive ladies on this freakin' site. I've been through so much this year and I get nothing but super positive responses from you awesome women. I'm so happy I got a BA. I've had a roller coaster of a life the last year or so, and you guys are seriously the best.
I always try to spread the word of RealSelf out to people. And I feel like this is absolutely the best support system for ladies looking for BAs.
Thank you, thank you. And thank you again! I'm glad I found this site, and that I could connect with women around the world who are going through similar issues. If you're just starting your BA journey, please comment, because I would love to follow and add help where needed.

My BA changed my life and my self esteem. And I hope it has such a positive influence on so many others. Xoxo
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He's a great surgeon who really knows what he's doing. I highly recommend Dr. Roark, the staff, and this surgery center.

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