28B Pre-op, 28F Post-op - La Jolla, CA

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....Let's back pedal before I go into the "whys...

....Let's back pedal before I go into the "whys and whats"....

I was happy with my body before I decided to jump into this huge life changing event. Some people place such little value on getting a surgery...whether it be to play into a self conscious body image issue or to impress their friends, ex-husband, current husband, or themselves, whomever it may be that you did this for...it IS life changing. You will feel different, your brain is programmed to notice even the slightest of changes....now, with something like a Breast Augmentation....your brain will go off....you will release Oxytocin... you will have that rush of adrenaline every time someone looks at you differently or someone who never noticed you before...finally makes eye contact. Before you make this LIFE CHANGING decision...you need to know a few things.....and don't be offended by these things when they occur because they can, and will happen. (Oxfords are my thing.)

1. People will be jealous and put you down. Why? because when a person feels threatened, or jealous...they lash out. Allow people the room to feel indifferent about themselves, just like YOU did before your operation...inadequate next to the woman with that perfect waist, or even more perfect breasts that no matter how many push-ups you do or sit-ups you do...the extra skin and deflated breasts just wont come back or go away after having those babies... Let them be jealous...it's what drives most of us...it's what motivates people to finally make a move and change what they hadn't had the courage to before. Even try to support their feelings through the change if they find the ability to make whatever positive move they need to. To sum it up....don't be offended by jealousy...it means you are desirable...let it MOTIVATE you.

2. There will be those who never complimented you in the past, coming to you daily for "a look".
Yes, ladies, that hot co-worker that you have been trying to get to notice you will finally give you the time of day. Again, DON'T LET THIS OFFEND YOU. "Well why didn't you notice me before?"

The answer is, because everyone has personal likes and dislikes! Some love breasts...some love buttocks...and there are many who can't live without both....Now with those beautiful new implants, you've caught his attention....and as many may say, it is not the right attention....love starts with a foot in the door. You never know where that first *wink* might lead you.

3. Nothing is perfect, why should you be?

Now, this is quite a topic that I was frankly offended by....

OF COURSE nothing, and no one is perfect! ...but why shouldn't we strive to be the best that we can? It's so demotivating and negative. I personally do not believe that any man or woman should ever be put down because others think that your dreams are unattainable. Strive to be the best of YOU without anyone saying that you can't or that your goals are unrealistic.

3. Your clothes will never fit the same again...

Not necessarily true...not all women do what I did with my augmentation. My clothes do not fit the same. I will have to go buy all new bras, jackets, tops, and blouses...my camis are just about the only thing that fits me in my closet...Then again...a 28F from a 28B....new wardrobe was to be expected.
However, some women only want to increase their breast size by one cup...small implants to return to what they were before children. That is just as acceptable and valuable to me as a total increase in breast size overall.. Ladies, if this is what you want, I say GO FOR IT, and embrace it like it's no one else's business.....You'll save money this way too!

Finally, the "what" and the "why"

What lead me to Dr. Brahme at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, in La Jolla, was myself!
No one else influenced my decision, except for me.
I have NEVER had large breasts...not while breast feeding...not after puberty...let's face it...My mother had a small rack...I was destined for failure in that column of life. I wanted to feel sexy...and ideally, in my mind...because of Media, desired celebrities, and other personal experiences with ex-boyfriends....women who have larger breasts, are sexy. I WANTED THAT. I wanted to be seen as more beautiful and as that woman who could be more than just...soccer mom.

So I jumped to it. I made the decision to call around and make consultations. You would not believe how many surgeons I met with.....Eight....Eight surgeons. I could NOT decide who to choose. Until I met Dr. Brahme. The staff behind him...his Nurses. Everyone was perfect and amazingly informational. They truly made me feel comfortable in my decision, the size that I wanted to increase to...the placement, the incision...He even backed my decision in Implant type! Gave me every pro and con that they felt would occur...and they also brought up a lot of topics that no other surgeon had previously presented...those other surgeons would've allowed me to increase in size without mentioning "bottoming out" or whatever else could've happened...they were all Gung-Ho about just getting me onto their table and being another 5k in their wallets...but not Dr. Brahme...he took his time...he was eloquent...he CARED.

Once I met Dr. Brahme, I knew. This was it. He was my surgeon, and it was TIME.

I had never felt so ready, or so invigorated in my life, except of course, when my water broke.

I showed up to La Jolla Surgery Centre excited...a little scared...but nothing was going to stand in my way from getting this procedure done. I checked in with the nurse, they prepped me and had me file all of the necessary paper work. They came to get me, to put me under. I had a brief moment of trust with the assisting RN and anesthesiologist, then, it was time.

I didn't get the whole Nip/Tuck experience. There wasn't a "count backwards from ten" before they placed the oxygen mask on my face...but I was relaxed. In that split second I had left before I went "to sleep", a RUSH of fear came over me and I wondered...."Would I be in pain when I woke up? Nauseated? Will I have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia? Will I ever see my children again?" I had never gone under this anesthesia before...and I had general concerns about it By the time the thoughts had stopped...I was out.

What seemed like seconds later, my eyes opened, I could hear my nurse talking to me..."Alexandra it's time to go home now. We are going to get you into your car. Everything went perfectly, and you look great." Those were the first encouraging words I heard when waking from my temporary comatose. I wasn't in pain. I was relaxed. I had my fiance with me....I had a comfortable car ride home...and just like that...after years of research and meeting with surgeons I just wasn't quite convinced about ...I had finally become what I so desperately wanted to be...

I HAD BOOBS! Big ones too!

As I am writing this, I am 13 days post-op, and I couldn't be happier. I do not regret a single decision made during this process and I would most certainly recommend Dr. Brahme and his staff to ANYONE looking for this procedure.

I digress. Meeting with Dr. Brahme was the best choice I have made for myself since college and I will be forever grateful to him and my fiance for supporting me through this. I am in love with myself...really, I am finally feeling on the outside what I've always felt on the inside...I am complete.

Alexandra Swingrover
22 Years old
3 Children
28B Pre-op
28F Post-op
650cc Textured Silicone "Gummy Bears"

Just an update!

Day 16! My implants are settling and 8 am feeling stronger and more full, by the day.

Feeling sexy

My fiance is asking left and right to see me topless. I'm getting bashful. So thankful for this procedure. So so thankful.

Minimal pain today. Only thing that's irritating is the minor bruise on the base of my left breast and the steristrips are falling off from showering and it pulls on my scars. (Which are hardly noticable, just very sensitive)

well..This just got interesting

So, four things.

1) I just realized that I wrote two number 3 bullet points on my review. My mistake.
2) before, my fiance and I were decided on getting married...However he had yet proposed. Two nights ago, he did just that. I couldn't be happier.
3) I have a complete loss in muscle control in my right pectoral.
4) My breasts look amazing

I was bra fitted today

A but surprised. ...I'm a 30G now. ..they have definitely changed a lot the last few weeks. If they're STILL dropping I wonder what my final size will be.....
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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