"Bye, Bye Angry Face" La Jolla, CA

"Bye Bye Angry face!!". This was the first time...

"Bye Bye Angry face!!". This was the first time getting Botox and Juvederm and I'm really happy. I got great response on both treatments. The results look very natural and have enough movement left over that and I think it would be hard for someone to recognize that I received treatments to the areas. My eyes appear more rested and the brow more youthful. There is significant softening of the heavy creasing when I animate the musculature of the forehead. I had very deep lines betweeen my eyebrows and forehead. I got injected into my glabella and nasal folds and it totally works!!....The injections weren't painful at all...Dr. Kolstad and his staff were very professional and kind.

I hope my botox/juverderm last forever!!!...:)
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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