60th Birthday, Blessed with Great Skin, Just Had Two Darker Spots at Jowl, a Couple Tiny "Pimples", and Wrinkly Upper Lip - LA

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No results. 2 weeks later I see no difference...

No results. 2 weeks later I see no difference whatsoever. Dark spots, tiny pimples, wrinkly upper lip still exactly as it was the day before I did the treatment. The only difference is I'm now paranoid about any sun on my face, I now ride my bike looking like a hoodlum. Total waste of my time and money.

No Improvement Whatsoever

As recommended by people from this website. I gave the process the full six weeks to see "amazing results". Not so much. I don't look even a smidgeon better than I did before the ViPeel. Brown spots, little bumps, wrinkles are exactly the same. I'm really disappointed with this and wish I'd have never wasted the time or money to do it. Big let down from the huge high hopes I had.

Six Weeks Later - Still Nothing Positive to Report

As suggested by someone from this website, I patiently waited the full 6 weeks for the process to be fully completed. I use sunscreen religiously, I bought a hat so big I literally bang in to door jambs in some doorways, I haven't allowed my face or neck to see the sun in over 6 weeks. I even cancelled a Palm Desert trip to ensure I didn't disrupt the process. No improvement whatsoever. In fact, I honestly feel it was a detriment for my skin. My face looks less vibrant and drier than before. I'm so disappointed that I wasted the time and money on ViPeel. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. However, once your mind is made up to do it (as mine was) you have high hopes. I feel completely duped and let down.
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She's very nice, I felt she was knowledgable. I went in for photo facial, she strongly suggested the ViPeel would do much better for me and would definitely take care of my issues. Again, my skin for the most part is beautiful for a 60 year old woman. I get compliments on my skin often. I only had those minor things I wanted to correct before my actual 60th birthday.

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