Amazing! Never Had Eyelashes Before in my Life - La Canada, CA

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There are so many "specials" and deals. I...

There are so many "specials" and deals. I purchased 2 for 1 of Latisse. 2 nurses in the MedSpa I use have light blue eyes (like me) and LONG eyelashes.

They gave me tips that not only makes the product last twice as long: use only ONE of the brushes for both eyelids, and a small drop of Latisse. It will prevent your eyelids from darkening or you colored part of your eyes staining.

Supposedly it will also take a bit longer to see results, but after only 2 months I DEFINITELY see long eyelashes. I have always had short, blonde lashes, and for the first time in my life I have some LONG lashes.

So wonderful. I am less than halfway to the time to expect full length and still very very happy.

The best motto way to apply this product: less is more! Will cost MUCH less money and show much fewer side effects.

P.S. also put on my sparse, blonde eyebrows.

UPDATE!!! Been using Latisse from early May, now...

Been using Latisse from early May, now mid August. FINALLY used the end of the first bottle! (one drop and one brush for both eyelids and eyebrows). One bottle is supposed to last a month, but mine lasted three!

I have the LONGEST lashes have ever had. I was told by nurse to use this motto: "less is more" when using Latisse.

To avoid eyelis darkening, and eye pigment darkening I have been using 1/2 recommended dose and it has been PLENTY! If it is true that I am only half way to the best results...then I am going to need to trim my lashes.

NEVER EVER had such dark LONG (and I Mean LONG) lashes. LOVE LOVE this product.

I wish other products were as great for so little effort and expense.

Mistaken: has been more like 4 months now, not...

Mistaken: has been more like 4 months now, not three. Never been able to see my lashes without mascar. Love washing my face and seeing long dark lashes (and getting thicker too).

Highly recommend this product and last a LOT longer than the manufacturer claims so MUCH less expensive too.
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