Regrets of Teenage Years! - Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

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When I was 16 I decided to stretch my ears. Big...

When I was 16 I decided to stretch my ears. Big mistake because now my ears have not gauges in them for about 3/4 years. I've been stuck with the tiny holes that are still big enough to allow earrings to fall out!
I have been looking into places but no where has really struck me yet! Am after a quote for somewhere that I am having a procedure done already so we shall see what that turns out like.

Updates and more information!

Sorry I haven't updated! I have had so much going on. Well to start with, I will put a photo if I can find one up of my ears when stretched!

Right so when I hit 16, I decided to stretch my ears. I went up slowly as you do, biggest I went was 14mm (9/16"). But shortly decided it was too big for my personally. Shrunk to 10mm (00g gauge, 3/8")
Then years after that, roughly 2010 when I was job hunting I took them out and tried to get back to pin holes. We are coming over the 4 year mark and its not moved. Still stuck with tiny holes. Been trying to find somewhere to get this fixed but didn't know until I saw here that there are people getting them sewn up!

So after getting the quote, £950 for both ears I have decided to wait until the summer I go home as I know the price is better there and more experienced there! Will keep updating as I get stuff done. xx
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