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I've been thinking about a tt for several years,...

I've been thinking about a tt for several years, was afraid of the recovery process but finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. Had a consultation on April 11, my surgeon had an opening on April 22. Whew! If I booked it for further out, I would have chickened out before the procedure! Bounced it off my husband, who was fully supportive either way, called a couple of the surgeon's previous tt patients, paid my fees and I was on my way! I am getting a tummy tuck, lipo to abdomen and flanks, and muscle repair. I've paid. No turning back now!

10 days po

My first post op was on Monday after surgery - he removed one of my drains - it never had any measurable fluid. Lots of sleep - changed my pain medicine. Very thankful for my pain pump. Not painful as much as it is just uncomfortable. Went back to doc on Tue - one of my pain pump tubes got "stitched" - doc had to grab it and get it out. Ouch. Back on Thur to get final drain tube out. It stung a little. Tired of this Cg! Doc will see me next on 5/9. Says at a little over 2 weeks post op I can start getting some of the glue off my incision, and start treating it with their oils. I have needed to sneeze several times ... Just rub my nose and avoid it! Almost standing straight. Get very worn out easily! Not sure why my pics are posting sideways! Btw, I am a couple lbs below surgery weight!

Pics from first couple days post op

These days were a blur of around 20 hours a day of sleep, relentless back pain when I walked, but general discomfort otherwise.

11 day post op pucs

Week 1 is filled with sleep, week 2... Feeling better but still not well. My recliner(sleep there) is my nemesis. Ready to FEEL better!
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