5'2 23 Y.o. 34K to D

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Some people get superpowers when they get hit by a...

Some people get superpowers when they get hit by a bus if it's carrying toxic waste. I feel like I got hit by the booby bus and got cursed by boobs of mass destruction...

I've had big'uns since 15. I was apparently known as "the girl with the giant boobs" in high school, instead of my name. There was only 100 people in my class, too. My brother calls me Tits McGee. These boobies are painful and awkward.

I'm between a 32JJ and a 34J. The band has to be tight, because I'm chunky with large breasts-- if the band isn't tight enough, the underwire slides down and boob skin rests on abdomen skin, and that's just no fun. But at this point, it's impossible to have a tight enough band to support them but still be somewhat comfortable. Wearing any bra at this point gives me a headache. So does mild physical activity. It's a cycle. I got mono in March (at that point I was a 32H) and was so constantly fatigued that I couldn't do much exercise, then I got chunkier and the boobies kept getting bigger like gluttonous ticks. Now I'm just chunky everywhere, the fatigue is still lingering, and it hurts to move much, so the only way to lose weight is to really limit my food intake. It's working a little, but a reduction would give me the freedom to move as much as I wanted, with no pain. That sounds nice.

My surgeon is sending stuff to my insurance company early next week. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly.

P.S. I can literally hit people with my boobs because they're so long. I can't see my waist. They look so sad drooping there.


My insurance company, Cigna, denied my request. They said it wasn't deemed "medically necessary." My surgeon forgot to include pictures in the request, so I think that's part of it. I'm going to ask for a reconsideration, and we'll see what happens after that.
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