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HI! I'm 33 with two kids. I've gained about 20...

I'm 33 with two kids. I've gained about 20 lbs in the last 2 years and my breast are so much bigger than they use to be and a lot heavier, I have always wanted a breast lift or implants since i was in my 20's just never had the money and wasnt sure when i was done having kids. Finally I'm doing it! after seeing 3 different doctors one saying I could use a lift and a small implant to give me the fullness at top that I want, by the way I am a D cup. 2nd Dr said I dont implants and i would be just fine with a lift. 3rd doctor said I didnt really need either... lol huh? yea so thats the DR I went with. He is giving me a mini reduction and a lift only, he was totally against the implants which is fine with me i dont want to spend another 5k. I just hope I get enough lift to where I I can wear sun dresses and a strapless bra with out feeling like im still sagging or even better no BRA AT ALL! I had push up bras and undewires, I want to wear cute comfy bras but still have volume in my tops!! *fingers crossed****

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I just googled it

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