Rhinoplasty, 20 yo hoping for the best

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So am going to Poland to have my nose done, first...

So am going to Poland to have my nose done, first of all cuz it's cheaper, second thing is that I don't believe the doctors here have a lot of experience when it comes to big noses since most of the population here have perfect ones..

Anyway am very exited, been wishing for this for 6 years now. Yes it's a bit scary to have it done in another country but at this point I don't think my nose can get any worse so I se things only going up from here. Hope am not wrong.. Wish me luck!???? and for any questions you may have just ask!

Tip and bump

Not only do i got a huge bump on my nose that am almost too afraid on showing u, but I also have a big round nosetip I hope the surgeon can fix.

Just pics

Lightning has so much to say on my nose..

Changed my mind and doctor

So the plan was to go to Poland in a few days to have my nose done by Dr. Andrzej Sankowski, but I changed my mind. I have some doubts about the dr since I bearly found any good review reagarding him and his work. Plus that he didn't wanted to send before/after photos through email. But what if I went all the way to Poland and didn't like his previous nose jobs..
It was really when I found this other doctor that made me fully change my mind. So his name is Dr. Saman and he's Persian(!) he works in both Iran and Norway. First I thought the site was fake(lol) since I though it was too good to be true.. I have actually thought about maybe doing it in countrys like Iran, Turkey or Lebanon since is so commen there, and they know middle eastern noses better. But it was too far away and scary..

Anyway so I just got more and more exited when I saw his before/after photos on Facebook. I have talked a bit with his assistant and just sent them an email with info an some photos. He's currently in Iran, but I hope to have it done as soon as he's back! Its more expensive than in Poland but it will be worth it!

So yeah, I just wanted to update you guys on what's happening!:)

15.06.15 is the date

47 more days (inshallah). I feel like this day couldn't come soon enough. I choose this date cuz I'll bee done with all exams until then, or else I would have picked a sooner date.. But I have a feeling something's gonna come up and the operation might not happen, I get this feeling whenever something good is gonna(might) happen, cuz I just feel like it's too good to be true:/ I need to finish this chapter of my life, am so tired of constantly thinking about my nose-.- the other day a women randomly came up to me and started talking. Her intentions was to ask if I had any money to spear, but my first and insecure thought was that she was gonna point out that I got a big nose or something .. How wierd is that? This needs to stop

new doctor again..

Just thought I might update a bit. So Dr.Saman didn't happen. Suddenly they said the can't preform the operation here in Norway. It was really disappointing for me. But instead of being too sad bout it I started to look for another dr. And I found one in turkey. So it's still gonna be on the 15th. And am so glad my friend is coming with. To be honest am almost looking more forward to explore Istanbul:P

Day 1

Hey guys!
So I had the surgery this morning..
I met with doctor Fuat Yuksel around 8 am, it's was the first time meeting him. the consultation lastet under two minutes I think. He showed me the simulation pic he had sent me earlier and just pointed out a few thing. At the end I was like " was that it", hehe he said. "Yeah that's it, I'll se u in the operating room in 15 minutes". It was a very short consultation, but I think it's just that he has so much experience and confidence in what he does, so I felt completely safe in his hands.

I was a bit nervous but mostly exited. Luckily I got some meds that got me to sleep, and woke up when it was over. I don't know why but I remember crying a bit, maybe cuz I was nervous or something.

They brought me back to my room so I could rest a bit. Am so glad I have a friend with me, don't know what I would do without her! She's been so helpful and understanding. That goes for the rest of the staff as well. There was always some nurses coming and checking up on me, and the doctor too. Great great service and people at the hospital, I feel so lucky.

It's still just day one, but I can already see great changes, I am so happy, thank God! It was a bit pain in the beginning, but now I feel great actually! :)

Btw don't mind the little zit on my chin that I just haad to pick on and make it worse-.-

Day 2 and 3 + simulation pics

Day 2 I think was the day I looked the worse, my eyes got really swollen, and there was a moment where I couldn't really see much. After I spent the first night in the hospital, I checked back in again the hotel. I was advised to stay in the hotel the rest of the day and rest as much as I could. But I had already spent a whole day in the hospital so I was actually ready to explore Istanbul with my friend, and since I wasn't in any pain at all the last days I didnt see a problem:P

Today (day 3) I feel and look much better, am not as swollen as I used to be. But I did get a cold yesterday, so my nose is kinda still blocked even though the tampons are out..

Some wanted to see the simulation pic the doctor made, so I'll post them aswell.

last few days

Hey! :)
So I had my cast removed 2 days ago. It didn't hurt much, just a bit uncomfortable.. Am not sure how I expected it to be, but I was almost in shock when I looked in the mirror. Its just a crazy transformation. Before all of this i had a huge nose with a big round tip, and now it was suddenly a small and contoured nose.. My whole face looked different, the area including the space between my eyebrows was super swollen. Thanks to this page I know how normal that is, so i didn't stress about that. Dr Fuat was so kind, as well the International patient host Ugur, I think was his name. I cant say it enough, they where all so great.

Now 2 days after cast removal I am of cours still swollen, but not as much as before.

Almost 2 moths post

Sorry if it took a while for me to update u guys, just wanted the swelling to go down a bit first.

Anyway, it's been almost 2 months since I had my operation, and it has been such a fun and exiting time for me. I have been so happy and thankful for this experience which has changed my life. Even if it would have stayed swollen like the first week, I would still be happy and thinking it's still better then it used to be.
Thank God the swelling has gone down a bit and it just keep looking better every month.

But am gonna stop talking now and show you some pics :)
Dr. Fuat Yuksel

Very happy with Dr. Fuat Yuksel from Turkey. A very kind man who knows exactly what his doing. He came in a lot of times after surgery to check up on me, the nurses as well. I am so happy I ended up with such a skilled doctor! Very very happy!

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