Worth Every Penny - Would Do It Again in a Heartbeat!

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Pro's - Baby stretched skin is now gone!Stretch...

Pro's - Baby stretched skin is now gone!
Stretch marks are now gone!

Con's - Painful and a very VERY long recovery
Belly button area still has numbness 2 years later

I did it because of excessive saggy skin from pregnancy. I wasn't overweight, just unhappy with the look of all the stretch marks and saggy skin.


This is no picnic to go through but worth EVERY bit of pain. I kept thinking it would be like the 2 c-sections I had previously but it was no where as easy as a c-section. A person definitely needs care for a few days for everything (including help going to the bathroom). Getting up out of bed for the first couple of days requires someone to more get you upright.

It is a very slow recovery. A c-section recovery for me took 4-5 days. This took me a good 2 weeks until I went (slowly) to the store by myself. If you have kids - be sure to have help.

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. has excellent bedside manner and is one of the leading Doctors in his field. He is very much a perfectionist so you will receive a tremendous outcome.

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