Rhinoplasty - Wide Bridge, Droopy Tip and "Bum" Looking End - London, GB

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Ok, so finally booked my rhinoplasty for next...

Ok, so finally booked my rhinoplasty for next Wednesday evening. Super excited.
I've got a wide bridge, droopy end and what I call a "bum" nose.
(Price is £ not $)
Always wanted to change my nose, but haven't ever been the right time or had enough money, but finally in that place.
I'm 33 married with 2 children. (9&8).

What I look like now... :0/


So how many days before did you all start taking Arnica and how many times a day please?

All done!

Went well... Feel good


Uneven notrils

Dr said it was swelling when I left the hospital, but it's not changed at all... Anyone else had this and it turned out OK?


Bruising finally going yellow. Keeping up with the arnica and bromelaim pills 2x3 a day and arnica cream around eyes. The last two days I had a cotton pad with hot water on and I washed my eyes, not sure if that helped, did it 3 times a day.


Best day yesterday, felt completely myself.

Starting to see changes

Droopy end is gone...


Cast off today!!

POD7 - appointment not till 6pm though

Cast off!!

Still swollen and boxy from cast but already can see changes, looking forward to the coming weeks x
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