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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Khalil has been amazing I've never meet a Dr that cared so much about my questions, comments and concerns. I was referred to him by 3 of my girlfriends whom all had beautiful tummy tucks and breast augmentation. I went in for my first procedure 12/30 I wanted to get tummy tuck, lipo, arm lift, fat transfer (bbl). Due to my past medical history he thought I was crazy and he felt my safety came first, so we agreed to do it in two phases. 1st phase tummy tuck with lipo to my fupa, and a short scar arm lift because I didn't want a long scar, he did advice me I might not get the results I wanted but I went ahead with the short scar. 3 months went by my tummy healed amazing my scar is paper thin, but like he warned me my arms were still a bit saggy and needed to go for a longer scar with lipo. So being the awesome Dr that he is he agreed to revision my arms with a longer scar. Excactly 4 months from my TT I went in 4/11/17 for my 2nd phase which included full body liposuction, fat transfer to the buttocks (bbl), revision to my arm lift and a little fupa lift, it looked sad and needed to be lifted a bit, lol. Well today I'm 2 weeks post op and I know it's too soon and I still have a lot of swelling but I already love my results this man worked wonders to my body after having 3 kids I now see curves and the booty I've never had in my life I'm ecstatic for whats still to come, I had a bit of fluid in my lower tummy but it was nothing he drained me in the office it was painless. With that being said, Thank you Dr K you are my hero.

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