Dysport is Great but Beware of Doctors Who Charge "By the Area"

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Dysport is great. I had Botox and Dysport...

Dysport is great. I had Botox and Dysport injected in different areas at the same time. The Dysport worked so much faster. I liked that because most doctors will only give you a 'touch up' for about 2 weeks after injections. So with Botox, sometimes I wasn't sure if the Botox was bad, or the doctor didn't inject me properly or if enough time had not elasped. This isn't a problem with Dysport because you know within about 5 days (max) if and where it's going to work.

I live in Miami and the one thing I cannot STAND about Miami is that all of the doctors here want to inject you 'by the area' which is a complete rip off. Having had botox injections for the past 18 months, I know EXACTLY how much and where it needs to go. So, to charge me $250 dollars for my eyes when I know they are only using 12 units (6 on each side) is just wrong. If ANYONE knows of a med spa or doctor who will charge by the unit please post here!!

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I would not recommend my doctor only because I know she charged me for about 55-60 units but only used about half that.

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