44 Years, 2 Kids - California

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I have been small all through weighing not more...

I have been small all through weighing not more that 55 kilos, after childbirth I added a lot of weight midsection . Tried all types of exercise to no avail. Only results was reduction of hips and breasts but waist never went down the way I wanted. Finally my son is 10 years and I decided this is the best birthday present to give myself. Luckily found a good doctor who took me through the fat transfer method .so I was like...even better let me kill two birds with one stone,,, get a midsection Lipo and transfer to breasts.

Pain still

Today is day 7... One week post op. Still painful and bruised. Though it's much better than the first day. I think my breasts have gone down a bit? Am hoping that I will keep most of the fat.Could it be because I have been sleeping on my back with my head almost flat on the bed? I hv tried to prop up my position using pillows. Will post a photo after I shower

Current situation

It's much easier now.The pain is less, still bruised and swollen.
Dr T.S

Very professional and helpful. I have health anxiety issues so I popped all the negative questions I would find anywhere . But he patiently explained all the risks and benefits...though I almost cancelled the surgery

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