Getting Full Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation - Hopkinsville, KY

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I have 2 boys now 5 and almost 3. My stomach...

I have 2 boys now 5 and almost 3. My stomach muscles separated with my first which i carried very low, I had to wear a stomach support to work with my second pregnancy d/t lack of support. I have quite a bit of lose skin and also breast are empty from pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was told that a possible good choice to refill the upper pole area would be the hp saline implant (380 cc?). I do not want to get a lift at this time, but maybe when I am older. I have read different things on saline or silicone being better to fill out this area without a lift, I do not think my sag is too bad? I am trying to figure out which I would be happier with and what size. I would like to go from 36B to a D I think, I have a larger frame I am 5'4 but have a curvy hip and bottom area. Also, I plan to travel back to where we lived near our old army base for the procedure because I had friends who went there, and it is much cheaper in tn/ky than ny. I will be able to take just 2 paid weeks off for vacation and then will go back to work as LPN, on feet doing med pass, but can take periodic breaks to sit.

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