The Power Peel Microdermabrasion Damaged and Scarred Skin - Kentucky, KY

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Had microdermabrasion yesterday at the doctors...

Had microdermabrasion yesterday at the doctors office to try to treat a few pitted scars. well last night I noticed red spots on cheeks also with some red streaks (lines)running down my cheeks that look like welps or raised scratches and today the red lines are appearing to get lighter but still raised and now I and noticing a lot of pitted scars and some that look brown pitted I have called the drs office and left a message for the lady who did the procedure to call me back but still no call back I have never seen such awful scars and skin texture and it also looks like the scars I was trying to treat are more pitted I don't know what to do I traded a few scars for a whole face full. has anyone had this happen and is there anything to do for it. I am scarred of infection and scabbing as well. please do not have this done I know it is your choice to do so as I had read some horror stories on microdermabrasion and still did because I had it done in the past two times with no problems and the same person done it this time but she wanted to be more aggressive on the scars I thought she knew what she was not sure if the red streaks are burns or what and I am also not sure if the old scars I was trying to treat was also caused by this procedure but please reconsider having this done. I just want to try to keep someone else from going through this but as I said its your choice it may just depend on who does the procedure but I would really still put a lot of thought in it. I am scarred and heartbroken and wish someone would have told me not to do it but I am going to put it in God's hand and pray for a healing of the damage done and the scarring and for my skin to go back to the way it was the morning before I had this done with the scars that I already had God Bless
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