Its Effective ... but I Also Workout! - Kentucky

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1. Had 4 sessions for under chin "pooch"...

1. Had 4 sessions for under chin "pooch" $600. 2. Had 2 of 4 sessions for stomach lower & upper $1600.

1. CHIN- LOVE the results with the chin. Lost 4 cm of fat, poochy spot. AND tightened. Seriously so happy. I may get another 2 sessions because I think the thing will be completely gone with 2 more, and they say you can see more effects months down the road, so i'm waiting. The pooch is nearly gone now. I wish I had photos! This is an area you CANNOT work off. I'm 100% thrilled.

2. STOMACH-Okay, I have several inches of stomach fat, I'm 47, 130 pounds & size 6. I workout often, walk daily. Drink lots of water. I've seen 1" off in 2 of 4 sessions completed. So I'm probably half way there? They also say you can see further effects months down the road. So hurray!

PAIN- It can at times burn, so you tell your Doc and they back off a bit. I never got burned however. I dont find it painful at all. It helps to talk through it, I just think you take your mind off whats going on. But no, not painful. Just can feel a sharp burn here and there. But didnt actually cause a burn.

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