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Enough is Enough! These sweaty pits are holding me...

Enough is Enough! These sweaty pits are holding me back. Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE this site! I had my first round miradry treatment 6 days ago and so far so good. I have tried prescription antiperspirant that left me singed and raw after each use and I still would sweat straight through them. I have tried pills and they caused me chest pain but I felt no relief from them either. I was super excited when my dermatologist sent me a post card about miradry. I had never heard of it and at this point I was willing to pay ANY amount to be free from this problem. I immediately began research, went to a demonstration at my doctors office and asked him to sign me up. He and his assistant did the right arm first about 6 pokes for numbing then the injection solution Lidocaine. They took turns performing the treatment with the suction tool and there was very minimal burning sensation. I did get tired from holding my boob up so that it wouldn't fall under my pit. Lol. Big boob problems. When they got to the left pit the pokes were more uncomfortable and the injection of the lidocaine solution was a little painful. They began to apply the suction treatment and there was pain on the left. The pain was somewhat bearable and only lasted seconds but as the doctor looked at my face he could see it getting pretty bad right in the center of my pit so he stopped and renumbered that area and went over it again. Here I am 6 days later not a drop of moistness in the left pit but I'm getting odor in the right pit and they are both always very hot. The swelling is going down a lot and the pain was gone by day 4. I will try to post photos.

Completely worth it!

So it's been 11 days since my treatment and my I have not glad a drop of sweat under my left pit (the one that hurt so bad they had to renumb) but my right pit started to sweat a little about 3 days after, nothing major but I use a small amount of deodorant on the right pit when I'm going to work. Lol.

I still ice when I get out of the shower because I still have just a little swelling and I'm very hot right out of the shower, so they help me cool off. They gave me a nice pair of reusable miradry gel icepacks.

This procedure really has been life changing so far. I stay dry and fresh for hours when I'm out and I don't have to stop home wash my armpits and change shirts in between. I plan to definitely go in for round 2 just to reduce the sweat in the right pit even more. I'm so glad I did this!

2 weeks out!

Hi RS. I am now 2 weeks out and I am still pleased with my results. The swelling has subsided and I'm sweating minimally but just under my right pit, my left is still completely dry. It feels a little sticky and gooey wearing deodorant again after not wearing it for days. Also I have to be very conscious and not put too much on because I'm used to slathering it on. Lol! I'm getting to see how other people who don't have axillary hyperhidrosis feels and it's great! If you have been suffering with armpit sweating I say do it, it feels like a Blessing to me.

My sweat is worse when I wear deodorant.

Weird huh? Hi! It's been 4 weeks and I still sweat under just my right arm. Lol. But it is very sporadic. Sometimes I can go all day with no deodorant and I won't sweat. But when I wear deodorant some days my pit sweats more. Unfortunately I'm just not comfortable not wearing deodorant to work so I wear a just a little. I still have some lumps and bumps inside that are not visible but the boob and underarm soreness is gone. I hope round 2 balances me out and makes my right pit dry like my left.

I am past 6 weeks out

My dr stated that at the 6 week point your sweat will be at its max. Well I do have some sweating and odor but it is definitely reduced. I'm not as subconscious as I used to be in tight places and I'm not scrubbing the skin off my pits all day trying to stay fresh. The 2nd treatment should take care of the sweating almost completely.

I am ready for the 2nd treatment soon. I want to get it done before my summer vacation. Oh yea the lumps and bumps and soreness are all gone.


Hi! I wanted to give an update. My sweat is not as much or as moist as it used to be and its still just under the one arm. But the odor that I get after a few hours, I don't like! It's much milder now than before but I'm so hoping that round 2 knocks it out!

2nd round complete

So this past January I finally got my 2nd round of miradry. I still feel a little numbness under one arm but so far I'm in love with the results!
My life has changed!
At this point:
I rarely have to shave at all.
I have only sweated very minimally during exercise.
I am not sweating at all normally.
My deodorant last 4-5 months because I use so little now.
My confidence is through the roof!
I don't think twice about meetings in small offices or standing close to someone.
My clothes last longer.

This has been one of the BEST things I have ever done for myself. I know summer will be the true test and I'm ready to face it. I bought maxi dresses and spaghetti straps to wear because I feel like my sweating issue is behind me. I would even be comfortable going sleeveless in the office.

Dr. Maggiolino and his staff were amazing I feel they did an awesome job! I would recommend them to anyone.

I'm so glad I did this!

Miradry 2nd treatment

Hi! I had a 2nd treatment done in January. This time I had a little numbness in my pits and under my arms for months. I also experienced some residual lumps under my skin (probably scar tissue) for a few months but they went away. After my 2nd treatment I barely sweat all! I have experienced an increase since it's been warmer out but nothing that causes sweat stains or offensive odor. There was not a lot of pain. I had an uncomfortable sensation for a couple of days but using the ice packs help a lot. I'm so happy I did this, I'm more confident now, and I barely have to shave at all! I wear sleeveless shirts and dresses to work all day and to parties. My life has changed for the better since I had this treatment! If you are thinking about having it done, do it you will not regret it.
Milwaukee Dermatologic Surgeon

This Dr was great I felt very comfortable and I had great conversation with his assistant. The time went by quickly because we just talked and talked.

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