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Keloid Scarring Removal / Maintenance

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13 Oct 2016

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Keloid Scarring Removal / Maintenance

I developed excess, uncomfortable scarring after a surgery, which has happened before, and I needed a Plastic Surgeon to help with the scarring. The Plastic Surgeon that I usually see had moved from the area. It’s always a challenge for me to find a new doctor in any specialty. I did some research and found Dr. Nyame. I was nervous for the initial appointment not quite knowing what to expect. But Dr. Nyame brought a level of comfort, and gave 2 options, which was never suggested to me. The keloid was excised, and followed up with 2 injections. The area is now flat and controllable and I am very pleased. His knowledge and skills are showcased by his expertise. His kind, friendly demeanor makes a big difference when your nervous upon first meeting a doctor, and/or any procedures that takes place afterwards. He and the staff at Charlotte Plastic Surgery were awesome! If you need a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nyame is the one to see!