37 Years Old, 15 Year Old Saline Implants, under the muscle, getting a Lift - Kansas, KS

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Just had my consultation today! For an explant...

Just had my consultation today! For an explant & lift. I got mentor Saline Implants at 22, but now that I'm older I'm just tired of them and want them out. I'm more concerned with being healthy and fit.. they are 350cc & 375cc overfilled. Procedure is estimated at $6200 for removal & lift. I have had zero problems with my impants and they still look fine, this is just something I want for myself. I'm 5'3" and currently 135lbs.. I have put on 15-20lbs since I first got them. If I can get enough money for surgery I want to set up a date in July. No specific date set yet. I have been torn with getting a lift or just getting them out & leaving them natural... so any insight on that would be helpful.

Not getting a lot of support from my spouse...

I told my husband about the appointment and my intent & hes not happy at all with my decision. Which I keep reminding him is not his choice. He recommends I should get bigger ones & even said I should wait 10 more years before I let my image go. And then pulled the "You begged to get them so I don't want to hear it".. Which is totally not the case & that was 15 years ago!! I remember being scared to death & very apprehensive... If ONE person would have said "Your beautiful & don't need them I'm positive I would not have gotten them." The good thing about growing older, is I've learned how to be confident in myself & also I've grown a back bone & am not going to put up with any crap. So his non-support of this has actually helped me make my decision clearer... Explant full steam ahead!!

My surgery is SET!!

I finally got the courage to set up my explant surgery. Nov 2nd is the big day. I've been working out like crazy trying to loose a few pounds & improve my health. I'm nervous... but I just have this lingering gut feeling that they need to come out. I'm excited to see how different I feel & what the actual implants look like. Will they be perfect shape? Full of mold? All the videos & pictures I'm seeing have me someone terrified, haha. I do sometimes get fatigued, foggy brained, depressed, etc... but I just chalked it down to ageing. So I'm interested to see if any of those things are affected. My husband is more supportive now.. although I know he would much rather me keep them, haha. Sorry.. my choice. As for my procedure... they are going to remove the implants, do a lift, and also re-attach my chest muscles to my chest wall since they are basically floating, due to the implants being under the muscle. My Dr doesn't think the capsules will need to come out as there is no contracture. Oh.. my one question hopefully you guys can help with... Any tips on scar prevention? Maybe supplements or lotions I can be doing NOW... so I have a great recovery? This site has really gave me to courage to get this done... Thank You.

More pics Pre Explant

3.5 weeks to go... Im ready!

Counting down the weeks & days.... been trying to get all my work caught up so I can take a few weeks off while I'm recuperating. I've told a few people about my surgery & its funny the reactions I get. Most everyone thinks I'm nuts & can't understand why I'd want them out... especially my friends with implants. So again, Im very thankful for this page.... reading the reviews and seeing other surgeries eases my mind and reassures me of my decision. I watched some YouTube videos on the mastopexy procedure & that is pretty terrifying, so I'm a bit freaked out, but am still gonna go through with it. I'll continue to update the closer I get :)

So many emotions & thoughts with surgery less then 2 weeks away...

Question... Did you ladies have your capsules left in or taken out? I know there is a lot of back and forth on this subject and varies case by case, but I'm really concerned about it now. My Dr says he leaves them in unless something is abnormal due to the added stress it puts on your recovery. I keep getting advice from other ladies to GET THEM OUT no matter what. But I plan on having a lift the same time.. taking them out reduces blood flow & also getting a lift reduces blood flow... and the dr says that just too much stress on my body then it woth to get them out. So please share your experience with me.... Note, I have not had any CC or sickness from the implants, like others have.

One week away!

Counting down the days.. trying to get everything ready for my recovery when I come home. I can't even explain how awesome a feeling it is to know these things are coming out! I look in the mirror and hate the way they look and feel, so fake and round. I can honestly say this one of the most empowering and emotional things I've been through. And even though a lot of people dont understand.. I've never been so sure about a decision, I know my heath and well being are going to be better because of it.

Made it through!!

Surgery yesterday & I'm feeling pretty good. Just holding down the couch with some I've packs and pain killers. Doing better then i expected. No drains.. So I was surprised about that. No complaints so far.

Day 3 post op

Day 3.. Still sore, left side has some fluid and swelling acccumliating. Bruising starting. Off pain killers and mainly taking Ibproufin to manage the discomfort. Trying to keep tight padding and compression bra on still. Tape on inscisions make it hard to get dried blood off. Doing better then i expected.

1 week photo

Loving my new slimmer profile! 1 week out... Don't take your compression wraps off too soon. I took mine off yesterday and had lots of fluid in my boobs today... Dr says don't worry about it too much, but it's a weird feeling. So far all I have felt is pure happiness over this decision!

2 week photo

Looking much better,the sides are evening out. Been keeping them compressed wearing 2 sports bras all the time to help with fluid retention. I can't wait to get all this sticky clear tape off the incisions. It sticks to my sports bras.. I have scrubbed with antibacterial soaps and nothing will help with the sticky mess. I go back Friday hopefully get the tape removed.

Almost 3 weeks.. Update pic

Finally got all the tape and goo off.. Healing very well & applying scar serum daily. I can really feel the breast tissue healing back to my chest wall this week. It feels like pins and needles if I twist or pick something up too heavy. My PS said that's a sign everything is healing and nerves are repairing themselves from the lift.

6.5 week update

Everything healing & I'm getting back to normal, starting workouts again.. 6.5 weeks.
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