24 Year Old Woman Inquiring About Breast Implant Revision. Thoughts?! - Kansas City, MO

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I had a breast augmentation 6 years ago, 330...

I had a breast augmentation 6 years ago, 330 smooth moderate saline filled to 360. Two years ago I gained several pounds from medication I am no longer taking-I have sense lost weight and now have drooping in my breasts with my nipples resting much lower then I'd like. I am no longer happy with my breasts and am looking for the best possible solution for me. I'm interesting in increasing my breast size and switching to high profile implants for perky, fuller look with more cleavage. Is pocket revision alone enough for me? Or is a lift a must for my situation? I am open to whats needed to achieve this look. I wear a 34DDD bra size however** without a bra I do not feel that I look this size due to the sagging and lack of fullness in upper pole area and cleavage.
Thank you in advance for your time**

I have other procedures I'm trying to address as well and would like to post further about them later on; including a revision rhinoplasty and possible further facial contouring i.e. Chin/cheek augmentation
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