5'6" 120lbs 25yrs Old 34B Wanting 450CC Should I Really Do It??!

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I need help! I have been to 2 consultations and...

I need help! I have been to 2 consultations and have scheduled my surgery with a really awesome office (unofficially, haven't paid yet).... but how on earth do you decide if you REALLY want to go through with this?

Currently I am a nice symmetrical 34B (not nearly as big as I would like to be, but they are pretty okay, I guess!) and there are no flaws on my body other than some stretch marks on my thighs.

Reasons it would benefit my life:
No longer feeling insecure. With big boobied women plastered EVERYWHERE on posters, online, and on billboards (and ex wives)... how do you compete? I feel insecure all the time about my boobs.
Be able to wear WHATEVER I want without having to spend 20 minutes thinking about which bra to wear to try to make me look like I actually have big boobs
No longer feel squeezed to death by strapless bras in a dress
Some serious freedom from all my negative thoughts about myself

Reasons why I am terrified half the time:
I really DON'T want ugly scars. The boobs may be worth it though, right?
I DREAD the thought of them looking saggy and horrible in 10 years, or getting ripples or capsular contracture, etc.

My selfish thoughts tell me to stop wasting my life and go for something that would make me totally happy! But then I have thoughts about scars and sagging and it wrecks me all over again.

Have you had these thoughts? What did you end up doing? I need some major help here girls! The money doesn't matter to me, but my body and my mind definitely do.

~Can't Decide
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