Juvederm Works but Be Prepared to Get Two Syringes

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Juvederm is great, but after getting it, I wish I...

Juvederm is great, but after getting it, I wish I would have gone for radiesse. Radiesse is thicker and most people go for it for nasolabial folds. Juvederm is thinner and does not last as long. I only got one syringe but I really think I need two syringes for better results. I chose Juvederm over radiesse because it is cheaper for one, and it is my first time and I wanted to pay the least amount. Next time I will get radiesse for sure. I have noticed a great difference in my naso folds, the bruising is still there on left side, so it is hard to really tell because it is a dark line running down. I will go back in two weeks for a touch up because i have some product left. I am recommending that if you go in for juvederm, pay for two syringes, you will pay a lot more, but two syringes will give optimal results you are looking for. One syringe just does half the job I think.

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