Juvederm Was a Simple Fix for my Fine Lines

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My nasiolabial folds have been a constant problem...

My nasiolabial folds have been a constant problem area for me but I felt ashamed even going to a doctor for it. The world has bigger problems. But finally I decided that I wouldn’t feel good about myself until I went for it. I had a consultation first because I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed to do. I thought maybe surgery was the answer but they recommended Juvederm, which is new and just came out last year. They inject it into the site and it fills in the lines. I went home and read about it on the Internet and forums and decided to do it. I went back and had the injection last week at the clinic. It was a walk in and walk out procedure. Very simple. I like the results. A few hours after the injections I had some swelling and tenderness but that went away quickly (much quicker than normal bumps and bruises) and I was left with what I see in the mirror now, which is only VERY subtle lines on the sides of my nose. I like this because it solves my problem area without pain and without having to be invasive and have surgery. If I had needed a face-lift I’m not sure I would’ve gone for it. No side effects, no pain and I hope the results will last for 6 months or more. This was a good thing for me and I would probably do it again. In fact, I know I would.
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