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I have had both Restalyn, and Juvederm in the...

I have had both Restalyn, and Juvederm in the folds by my mouth, and Rest. on my lip line and Juvederm on line and in my lips. I perfer Juvederm. I experienced no bumps at all with the Juvederm, but did noticed bumps with the Rest.

I did bruise a bit, but it was gone in a week. I could cover it with cover-up though and not severe. I think it makes a big difference if you prepare for this, with not taking aspirin, Advil, or vitamins, and no drinking, (nothing that thins the blood) Just check the list on what not to take before injections, or any cosmetic surgery.

Anyway I was very thrilled with the results of the Juvederm, such a smooth look, and I absolutely love it. Didn't notice any lumps, but did with Rest. but I still liked the results in my folds by my mouth. Could only feel the lumps with the Rest. in those folds if I pressed down on my skin, but did notice with the lip line some lumps, so didn't want to do Rest. in that area again, and was very, very pleased with the Juvederm around my lips, in my lips, mouth folds, and crows feet area.

My whole face looked so much smoother. She did a before and after picture, and it was immediate, and only got better in the weeks that followed. I do think it depends who does this procedure, and I think anyone wanting to have it done should ask for before and after pictures, so you will know what kind of results this person gets.

So go to a free consultation first and look at pictures. A little bruising I think is normal, but hey, it is well worth it. Just take precautious 2 weeks before, and don't take anything that thins the blood.

Do your homework first. It's your face so shop around, and know what kind of results you will get, by looking at their portfolio of before and after pictures.

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