Juvederm in Tear Troughs - I thought that I had made a BIG mistake. Now, I'm undecided - USA

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I had juvederm injected into my tear troughs about...

I had juvederm injected into my tear troughs about 4 days ago.  At first, I thought that I had made a BIG mistake.  Now, I'm undecided.  While the doctor was doing the injections she hit a vein under both eyes and the nurse would apply ice and pressure before and after the injections.  The doctor put what seemed like a lot more product under my right eye and when I mentioned this, she told me that I had more hollowness under that eye.  I was told to expect bruising for about a week. 

The next day I woke up with my right eye so swollen, I could barely see out of it!  I have spent a good bit of the past few days applying ice and recently, very warm/steamy washclothes.  The bruising and swelling have gone down considerably.

I actually went back to the clinic yesterday, concerned that the swelling may the juvederm and not just swelling/bruising.  I was seen by a different doctor who told me she thought that it could possibly be PRODUCT!!  She said that they did not have the enzyme that is normally used to breakdown the juvederm at the spa clini, so she called another plastic surgeon in town.  The people at this clinic are always so very kind and caring!  Everyone was really concerned b/c I walked in with absolutely no makeup, looking like I had been beaten to a pulp! 

Long story short, I spoke with the nurse from the other plastic surgeon and was told that their was no reason to come in until at least a week and a half b/c they would not be able to tell whether or not I will need to have some of the filler removed.

Today, my eyes are looking much better, but I can still see small pouches under them!  If these subside and the bruising goes away completely, I feel that I will look a little better/younger/prettier, lol!  But, I'm not sure that I would choose to have filler place under my eyes again.  This area is just too vascular and thin!!! 

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