Juvederm Takes Years off

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Just went yesterday for my 3rd time with Juvederm...

Just went yesterday for my 3rd time with Juvederm Ultra. I have been pleased everytime with very minimal, if any, bruising or swelling. I always get my nasal folds and marionette lines filled. I am 41 and have been using Juvederm for about 2 years now.

My injector uses litacane for numbing as well as topical numbing cream. The litacain works amazing. It stings a bit but makes the juvederm sticks pain free.

I have mine done at a PS office and they won't do tear troughs at my doctors office because of the poor results and mainly for the chance of blindness. My doc says that the chance is only 1 in a million, but still is too big of a risk for him to do it. I also notice on this blog that the majority of people who have this done around the eyes and in eye hollows are unhappy with having it done on their eyes.

Juvederm WAS NEVER intended to be used in the eye area. It's not safe and the results are generally not that great...Just a word of warning.

The injector is also 80% of the game. I use Juvederm ULTRA as well and it lasts up to 9 months. This last time I went 11 months between visits. Ultra costs alittle bit more, but is thicker and lasts much longer.

Juvederm on the nasal folds and around your mouth takes years off your face. I LOVE it! Totally worth every dime if you use it for what it was intended for!!

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