Juvederm Squeezed out of my Face in Zits

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Left office with minor pain that went away by the...

Left office with minor pain that went away by the next day and really liked the result  initially

....but within 2 months I had  zits,  big whiteheads at the incision needle sites of where the Juvederm was injected, i went to my dermatologist, and when she popped the zits, it wasnt normal looking, it was the creamy clear white filler juvederm coming out of my face like a zit, and the more she squeezed, the more it came out, and one side is gone. The only reason she squeezed to get it out was because it had formed a huge knot in my face. The other side held up fairly well but I would say its been 5 months and its pretty much all gone. Not sure if this is supposed to happen but I wouldnt do it again.

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