Juvederm Migrated to Jawbone, Looks Like a Giant Worm!

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I had Juvederm two months ago then 30 days after...

I had Juvederm two months ago then 30 days after that I had a neck lift (Same Physician). The Juvederm has gone from my cheeks and nasal labial folds to my jaw bone. I have major distortion in my jaw and chin from the product moving. The doctor has tried to dissolve the product but the injection I received to dissolve the Juvederm provided little improvement. It looks like I have large worm underneath my skin on my jaw. This is no exaggeration. It’s so blasted obvious and frustrating. I called after the procedure to tell the doc about the problem and was told it couldn’t be Juvederm and to just massage the area, as it was a normal healing phase from a neck-lift. Then when I returned for a follow-up, the doc told me it had to be the Juve. Apparently I wasn’t believed when I made the initial phone call to the surgeons office. Today I have an uneven lumpy chin and jaw that protrudes. It is humiliating having to go to work like this!!!! I plan to report my issue to the FDA. I hope others who have had issues with the product will report it also. Has anyone else experienced post surgery complications with radical product migration?
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