Resty User Tried Juvederm!~~So Far So Good:)

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First time using Juvederm, My Dr suggested this...

First time using Juvederm, My Dr suggested this because I have had excellent results with Restylane & Juvederm may last longer...He had me purchase LMX topical numbing cream (lidocaine) & I applied 1 hour before injections at home. It definitely works! He also mixed Juve with lidocaine in the office & I think that made a big difference with repeat injections to one site. I purchased 1 syringe & it did under my eyes & lips (border & bottom & top edges for fullness) He was an excellent Dr (first time using him as well since my PS moved) very patient, had a mirror there for me to monitor progress as well! He spent about an hour performing his was relativelty minor considering it was lips! He was also very considerate of that. As far as side effects, I have a bit of lumpiness under one eye which seems to be improving & redness under both (but it does NOT look like I will be bruising which is a miracle since I had 2 shiners from the Resty previously)My lips have a few red holes & a small bruise on bottom right side which I actually covered well with clever makeup for a get together 2 days later. The bruise seems to be nearly gone today (3 days) & I have been taking tabs & applying Arnica Montana cream religiously! I heard that the Juve needles are smaller than Resty ones so maybe that does make a dfference with bruising because I really bruised badly from the Resty a year ago! Also Dr advised me to press firmly on the injection areas to settle the Juve in under the eyes & that seemed to work all lumps out too:) Hopefully this will last longer if not as long as Restylane!

New York Dermatologist

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